11 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

Week 11 is finally here! You must be feeling all pumped up and optimistic on how far you’ve come with your pregnancy. The nasty morning sickness of the earlier weeks is now subsiding hence giving you the much needed relief. Your tummy is a beehive of activities. The pesky hormones are in full gear. Your baby is undergoing rapid developments. Your baby is no longer stationary or motionless as was the case in the early weeks of pregnancy.

He/she is now stretching the tiny arms, moving, and rolling around in your uterus. What’s more? The end of the first trimester is in sight. While you can’t stand the symptoms, the thought that your baby is fast growing is something that puts a smile on your face. You still have a way to go but the mere thought that you are carrying life in your womb gives you great satisfaction. Just one more week and you will usher in the second trimester of pregnancy. You are making progress!

Your Baby at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Believe it or not, at 11 weeks pregnant, your baby has made major strides in terms of development. Your baby now measures somewhere around 1.5 inches long, weighs 0.25 ounces, and, interestingly, almost fully formed. How amazing!

A number of her bones are now starting to harden, her hands will soon be flexible and strong enough to open and clench into a fist. Her gums are housing tiny tooth buds, she is making slight movements and stretching which will become more pronounced as she grows, and the genitals are forming! With all the beehive of activities in your stomach, you have a very important job of ensuring that your baby is properly nourished. This is the time to eat a proper diet rich in essential nutrients.

How Many Months Is 11 Weeks Pregnant?

The end of the first trimester is in sight. At 11 weeks pregnant, you are in the second last week of your third month of pregnancy. You only have 6 more months and a week before your little angel or prince charming makes their grand entry into the world.

11 Weeks Pregnant Belly

Your baby bump is now beginning to show. You can no longer keep it a secret. However, it’s imperative to note that for some women, the baby bump begins to show early and for others, it shows later. You therefore need not be alarmed if your bump is not yet showing at week 11. You may also have noticed you’ve added a little weight and your clothes are beginning to tighten a little.

11 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Your hormones are raging. A lot of activities are going on in your body. Everything is happening so fast and you are probably overwhelmed by all these. Keep calm. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The end of the first trimester is in sight. You’ve come this far. Cut yourself some slack! With that being said, these are some of the symptoms you will experience at 11 weeks pregnant.


Your body is a beehive of activities. You feel beat up most of the time. You are not as energetic as you would wish to be. Don’t worry. It is quite normal in the first trimester of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones are working overtime and it’s normal to feel tired or fatigued. Good news is that this symptom will subside with the onset of the second trimester.

Breast growth

Of course, there is a visible difference in the size of your breasts since you got pregnant. They have relatively increased in size. This is because your breasts are getting ready to nourish your baby when you finally give birth. While the increase in size might be a turn on to your better half, the fact that they are also sensitive and a little sore means it’s not such a great experience for you. Try to wear comfortable bras and talk to your partner to be gentle with the touches.

Frequent Urinations

You are probably going nuts with those frequent visits to the bathroom. You hate the idea of having to empty your bladder every now and then. You can conveniently blame the HCG pregnancy hormone. The HCG hormone basically increases flow of blood to your kidneys and pelvic.

The resultant effect is that you feel the need to pee frequently which can at times be quite inconvenient. As inconvenient as this is, don’t for one minute think that cutting back on fluid intake is a sound decision. No. You need lots of fluids now that you are pregnant. It’s imperative that you stay hydrated.


Oh boy. This one drives you mad! I get it. You are sick and tired of being tired and just wish this could end. Hang in there. Soon enough, nausea would be a thing of the past. With the second trimester around the corner, you will start feeling better soon.

Mood Swings

I get it. You are just as surprised why you flip at a moment’s notice. Blame those highs and lows to the pesky HCG hormones. Avoid stressful situations, avoid the company of negative people, enroll in a yoga class, go for a walk, or swim if it’s something you enjoy doing.

Food Cravings and/or Aversions

You probably are at a loss to explain why all of a sudden you are gagging at the smell of what, a few weeks ago, used to be your favorite cologne. You similarly can’t explain why all of a sudden prinkles have become your favorite yet you couldn’t stand them just a few weeks ago. Welcome to the pregnancy club where the hormones reign supreme. Your food cravings and/or aversions are very normal. Don’t fret. This will dissipate by your fourth month of pregnancy!


Having tummy troubles? Do you feel as if your tummy is so inflated yet your fetus is just a little over 2 months old? The slow digestion and the progesterone in your system is responsible for the bloating.

Vaginal Discharge

Again, it’s normal for an increase in vaginal discharge in your 11th week of pregnancy. Invest in some panty liners. If the discharge is odorless and clear white, no need to be worried. However, if it’s greenish, yellowish, or brownish and with a bad odor, contact your doctor immediately.

As usual, I have to remind you that the above mentioned symptoms are not universal. You can experience some if not all of them. Consequently, you could be 11 weeks pregnant and experience no symptoms at all. It happens. You are normal. You are okay. You should be happy that you are not dealing with the nasty pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy and Food

Forget about the weird food cravings and the need to satisfy your increased appetite. It is time to be wary of what you eat during pregnancy. You are no longer at will to devour any meal presented to you. Now that you are pregnant, it’s not just about you, but your baby as well.

Talk to your health provider to understand what’s acceptable to eat and what’s not. While the vast majority of foods are safe during pregnancy, there are a number that could pose great risk to your pregnancy. Avoid undercooked or uncooked food.

Food harboring bacteria pose a danger to your baby. You should also stay away from certain sea foods such as sharks, tile fish, sword fish, and king mackerel which are known to have a high concentration of methyl mercury. Methyl mercury harms your child’s developing brain.

If you love sea food, there is good news. Not all sea foods are dangerous during pregnancy. Sea foods are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins which inadvertently improves your child’s vision and help in brain development. You simply need to go for sea foods that have less contaminants and eat them in moderation.

Above all, eat a balanced diet. Remember that your baby’s growth is dependent on what you feed it. Avoid alcohol, smoking, or indulging in toxic drugs that might endanger the life of your unborn baby.

What Activities Can You Do At Week 11?

If this is your first pregnancy, you definitely need all the support you can get as the whole pregnancy thing can be overwhelming. Create a support group of first time mothers to share your experiences and encourage one another throughout the journey.

This is also the best time to reach out to mothers who transitioned to motherhood and pick their brains. Understand what their journey was like, their experiences, challenges if any, and how they pulled through in the face of complications related to pregnancy. Alternatively, if you are in good terms with your mother, she is the best person to help you through this journey.

11 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Shop for a number of sexy free dresses
  • Consider going for a babymoon
  • Book an appointment with your health provider to share any concerns you might be having
  • Check your insurance plan and find out if it covers prenatal clinic visits
  • Go for an ultrasound if you haven’t gone for one yet

The Final Take

You are one week closer to your due date. Pat yourself on the back for achieving another important milestone of 11 weeks pregnant. You will soon be bidding goodbye to the first trimester and with it, some of the nasty pregnancy symptoms such as nausea. You only remain with six months before you can welcome your bundle of joy into the world. Read as much as you can, eat the right foods, exercise, go for a prenatal visits, invest in free dresses, put your insurance coverage in order, and if you can afford it, go for a baby moon! Excited about week 12? In just a few days it will be here! Take it one day at a time!

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