13 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

Yippee! You made it to the second trimester! You’ve now completed a third of your pregnancy journey. Looking back, you can’t help but marvel at how eventful the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy were. You can remember the effort to sit through that afternoon meeting without falling asleep, the frequent visits to the bathroom that had now become an inconvenience and the fact that the first time you spotted, you almost had a panic attack thinking that you had miscarried.

Needless to say, you look back at the first 12 weeks with nostalgia. The fact that you are carrying life in your womb and the prospect of holding your bundle of joy in your arms 6 months from now far outweigh any nasty pregnancy symptoms you might have experienced in your first trimester. At 13 weeks pregnant, the journey is still very much on.

You are just ushering in the second trimester of pregnancy. You’ve now announced to all and sundry that a baby is on the way. If not, this is the perfect time to do so. Some of the nasty pregnancy symptoms will now begin to subside with the onset of the second trimester. The pesky hormones will give you a little break and you will notice that you are more energetic than you were in the first trimester.

Your Baby at 13 Weeks Pregnant

At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby has indeed come a long way. All important organs are now formed and what will be happening in the next couple of months is for them to gradually mature as you near the birth date.

This week, your baby is now about the size of a plum, measures approximately 2.9 inches long, and weighs around 25g. The vocal cords and fingerprints are developing, the placenta is now taking over which explains your renewed energy, the baby can now hear sounds, the kidneys are producing urine, he/she is now sensitive to light and as a result the eye lids are fully shut, and you might be able to hear their heartbeat when you next go for a prenatal checkup!

How Many Months Is 13 Weeks Pregnant?

At 13 weeks pregnant, you are basically starting your 4th month of pregnancy. You have exactly 6 months to go before you can hold your bundle of joy in your arms. The start of the 13th week of pregnancy also marks the start of the second trimester of pregnancy.

13 Weeks Pregnant Belly

At 13 weeks pregnant, your baby bump is now visible and everyone can tell that you are pregnant. Your uterus is fast expanding to accommodate your fast growing baby. From here onwards, expect to feel and look more pregnant. Your bump is only going to grow in size as weeks go by. Probably invest in sexy free dresses? Aren’t those outfits of yours becoming tighter as the days go by? It’s about time!

13 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Is it a boy or a girl? You are probably curious. At the back of your mind you hope for either a boy or a girl. There is always a preference even though all you want is a healthy baby irrespective of the gender. Good news is that a 13 weeks pregnant ultrasound can actually detect your baby’s gender. The only challenge is that because the genitals are quite tiny at this point, it can be quite difficult to tell the exact gender of the baby. In light of this, your doctor will most likely recommend that you take a conclusive pregnancy ultrasound between 18 and 22 weeks pregnant.

13 Weeks Pregnancy Symptoms

The onset of the second trimester of pregnancy brings out a certain shift in the symptoms you experienced in the first trimester. For instance, you might have noticed that nausea is fast subsiding and you can actually go through a whole day without throwing up. Your energy levels are also higher now compared to the first trimester. That said, here are some of the common pregnancy symptoms at week 13.

Increase in Energy Levels

The good news is that the start of the second trimester marks a new chapter in your pregnancy journey. You will notice that this trimester is less symptomatic compared to the first trimester and also the most energetic. This is awesome! Now is the perfect time to do all those things you labored with in the first trimester. Were you too exhausted to hit the gym? Now is the time to hit the gym and get your fitness groove on!

Visible Veins

You’ve probably noticed those blue veins under your skin, right? Well, the visible veins are as a result of increased blood flow and quite normal.

Increased vaginal discharge

You might have noticed that right about now, there has been an increased vaginal discharge which is clear or milky colored. This is absolutely normal and healthy. The purpose of this increased vaginal discharge is actually to clear your vagina of any infections that might pose a threat to your unborn baby. If you are uncomfortable or the discharges are a bit messy, it might be time to invest in some panty liners.

Shift in Sex Drive

You heard me right. Right about now, your sex drive could hit the roof or nosedive. You might feel the need to hit the sack more often with your partner. This is of course good news to your partner. If you feel like it, go ahead and enjoy some intimacy with your partner. However, not all women enjoy an increased sex drive. There are those whose interest in sex nosedives right about this time. If that is the case, talk to your partner and support each other. After all, it’s just for a short period of time.


Having difficulty with going for number 2? Put the blame on those pregnancy hormones which can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Consequently, your fast growing baby is also taking up more of your bowel space making you have constipation. Drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in fibers, and include vegetables in your diet to help ease constipation.

13 weeks pregnant no symptoms? This might come as a surprise to you and you might even feel as if you are abnormal but the fact of the matter is that you are very normal. A few women are that lucky. While some are bemoaning the nausea, the fatigue, the headaches, and crazy food cravings, a select few go through it all as if they are on vacation. Relax and enjoy your pregnancy. You’ve got nothing to worry about!

Lifestyle Changes

It’s a no brainer. Once you are pregnant, a paradigm shift in your lifestyle is of essence. Your lifestyle will have a positive or negative impact on the development of your baby. If you were a high flier who lived life on the fast lane and downing liquor every weekend with friends, it’s time to rethink that.

Alcohol and pregnancy don’t mix. Desist from using drugs, smoking, and taking alcohol. Doctors have not been able to determine the right amount of alcohol to take while pregnant. In that regard, quitting alcohol, smoking or using hard drugs is the best course of action. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Consequently, ensure that you eat a balanced diet rich in proteins, iron, calcium, and all the necessary nutrients. Don’t just eat anything you come across. You need to ask yourself whether whatever you are about to eat will pose problems to your baby or not.

Did you consider exercises a waste of time before you got pregnant? Well, if you want to have an easy time in the delivery room, it is better you start exercising. However, the exercises need not be vigorous and tasking. A 30 minute walk, light jogging, and even swimming could do the trick. Positive lifestyle changes are essential and non-negotiable.

The Final Take

The 13th week is the beginning of a new chapter in your pregnancy journey. You can say that by the 13th week, you’ve gone through all the nasty pregnancy symptoms. The hormones will tone down and you will realize that you are dealing with less irritating symptoms such as nausea or fatigue.

If you had any bucket lists to tick off, the second trimester of your pregnancy is the time to do it. You can go for that vacation you’ve been yearning for or go for that shopping spree in Paris or any other of your favorite destinations. You are a third of the way! You can even throw a party to mark this very important milestone!

Remember to eat right, consult your healthcare provider for any concerns you might be having, talk to your partner about your expectations, exercise, read widely about giving birth, find out the best local hospitals to give birth in, and have a positive attitude! Week 14 is around the corner!

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