14 weeks pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Welcome to the second trimester! Week 14 ushers in a lot of changes: you are likely to feel hungrier, more energetic and experience less nausea. The discomforts of the first trimester have subsided and it is time to enjoy your pregnancy. Therefore, it is time to get more exercises and start preparing for the final trimester. Have fun!

Your Baby at 14 Weeks Pregnant

At week 14 of pregnancy, the baby has grown to 3.4 inches and weighs about 1.5 ounces (the size of a peach). The growth is fast because the weight is almost double that of week 13.

The neck of the baby is now clearly visible although the head still appears proportionately bigger compared to the rest of the body. Besides, the bones continue hardening while the legs and hands elongate. The baby’s arms can be stretched to the front of his/her face.

Other developments include a layer of fuzzy coating (lanugo) on the thin skin. The fur will disappear in the third trimester. The baby also swallows some chunks of amniotic fluid and releases waste referred to as meconium. This is very helpful in promoting the growth of the digestive system.

Your Body at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Finally, your pregnancy has achieved the second trimester milestone. The growing belly and uterus can now be noted during prenatal checkups. This is done by checking the distance between the pubic bone and fundus (top of the uterus). Other developments you will note in the body include:

  • As the pregnancy hormones stabilize, the tenderness of the breasts will decrease compared to the first trimester.
  • You are also likely to experience increased energy. This is because the body has finished preparing to host the baby and more energy is now available. This is great news after a tiresome first trimester.
  • Many women experience thicker and beautiful hair that grows faster compared to when they are not pregnant. Well, it is time to enjoy that lovely look!

14 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

At week 14, you will be three months and one week pregnant. The week marks the starts of the second trimester. It also means that you have 26 weeks remaining before delivery.

14 weeks pregnant ultrasound

Typically, there is no ultra-sound done on the 14th week of pregnancy. Chances are that you already had one in the first trimester of pregnancy and another one is slated anywhere between the 18th and 22nd weeks. If you intend to have an amniocentesis, the doctor can do another ultrasound in the 15th and 20th weeks.

That said, if you happen to have an ultrasound at week 14, the spleen and liver will be seen doing their work. The legs, hands, and fingers will also be seen moving

The fur on the skin can also be seen using the ultrasound. However, 14 weeks pregnant ultrasound cannot reveal to you the gender of your baby. I understand you are itching to find out. It will take a few more weeks to find out whether your baby is a boy or a girl!

14 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The most notable thing on week 12 and the entire second trimester is the fading troublesome symptoms you experienced in the first trimester. However, they do not disappear instantly. In some cases, the symptoms of the first trimester might persist but at a much lower intensity. Having said that, here are the main systems you may experience at 14 weeks pregnant:

Round Ligament Pain

You are likely to experience some pain as the muscles and ligaments start stretching to accommodate the expanding uterus and growing baby. Though the cramps are common because of the round ligament pain, do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any concerns however small.

Increasing Appetite

As nausea that was pitch high in the first trimester fades away, it will be replaced by an increased appetite. It is advisable to take regular and healthy meals throughout the day.

Varicose Veins

These are large and swollen blood vessels that are largely visible on the legs. The varicose veins are caused by the additional blood volume that the body generates to nourish the developing baby. Note that though it is not possible to entirely prevent the formation of varicose veins, you can minimize them by remaining active and engaging in moderate exercises such as walking to promote blood circulation.

Stuffy Nose

Are your nostrils a little stuffy? You need not have sleepless nights as this is a common pregnancy symptom at week 14. It is caused by an increase in blood circulation to the nose’s mucous membrane. The condition is referred to as rhinitis. The unfortunate thing is that there is nothing you can do about it. To keep the nose dry, try using saline drops and staying hydrated.

Leaking Nipples

The moment you fall pregnant, the breast tissues start preparing to nourish your baby after delivery. As early as week 14, you might notice some tiny bits of colostrum on the bra from leaking nipples. It is advisable to consider using absorbent breast pads to prevent colostrum from staining that cute dress top of yours.

Increased Sex Drive

As the blood flow in the pelvic area increases, you might experience amplified sex desire. This can also be caused by pregnancy hormones. Well, it is safe and you should not hold back to hit the sack and get some whenever the urge arises!

Things to Do at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Go For a Dental Checkup

If you have not visited a dentist recently, this is the week to schedule for a checkup and cleanup. The health of your gum and teeth is very important during pregnancy. You should particularly put extra effort to prevent periodontal and gingivitis diseases.

Stay Away From Germs

As the body puts more focus on supporting the developing baby, infections can hit you really hard. You need to try and stay away from germs as much as possible. You can do this by getting a flu shot, practicing good hygiene, washing hands with soap always, and staying away from sickly people.

Look For Good Childbirth Classes

Although it might look like the delivery date is far away, it is not. It is never too early to start preparing. On week 14, you should start looking for the best childbirth classes. The lessons will help you to get prepared for the latter weeks of pregnancy and post-delivery period.

Plan To Announce Your Pregnancy

Of course, if you had been trying desperately for a baby, chances are that you announced your pregnancy as soon as it was confirmed. That said, people are different. Chances are that you might have held off the big announcement till now. If that’s the case, this is the time to make the big announcement to family, friends and even colleagues. It’s time to come together, pomp the champagne and celebrate the great news of your conception!

14 weeks pregnant checklist

  • Book a dental checkup with your dentist.
  • Take your regular dose of folic acid.
  • Get pregnancy announcement cards to send your close family and friends.
  • Look for childbirth classes in your neighborhood and register.
  • If you have a lot of tasks at the workplace, decide the ones to delegate.
  • Start thinking about the baby names.
  • Check for some great maternity clothing that you will need in the coming weeks.

Questions to ask your doctor at 14 weeks pregnant

To enjoy pregnancy more, it is prudent to make your doctor a close friend. The goal is to ensure you ask everything that seems unclear. Well, even that simple pain on the pelvic area or any other concern should not be assumed. It is better to ask the doctor about it than to regret later. In week 14, here are some of the questions to ask your doctor:

1.    Is my weight okay? The doctor can assist you to determine the correct weight gain targets based on factors such as your height, current weight, and daily work among others.

  1. What exercises are healthy for me? Are there some types of exercises that I should avoid starting from week 14?
  2. Is it okay if I continue using the same over-the-counter medicine I have been taking when I feel ill?
  3. What foods and supplements should I take for better health of the baby and my body in the second trimester?
  4. Now that I am through with the first trimester, what should I consider as signs of danger?


You are on course, you are excited, and your baby is maturing fast just as you envisioned. Week 14 of pregnancy is very important as it marks the beginning of the second trimester. The nasty symptoms that characterized your first trimester are fast dissipating, you can feel increased energy levels, and nausea is fast diminishing. This is the time to enjoy your pregnancy. This is the time to go for that baby moon you’ve been yearning for or that vacation you’ve been putting off. Take pictures, read a lot on pregnancy, write, and keep a journal that detail your pregnancy journey step by step. Week 15 beckons and I believe you can’t wait to see what it has in store for you!

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