15 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

It is now 15 weeks since conception; time has run so fast! A couple of weeks ago the baby was only the size of a bean, but now, he/she is as big as an apple. Besides, the baby can hear your voice too. Go ahead and sing that lovely song because the baby loves to hear mama’s voice! The baby’s organs are also developing fast and he/she keeps swimming in the amniotic fluid in a frenzy.

Your baby at 15 weeks pregnant

At 15 weeks pregnant, the baby bump starts emerging and you are finally looking pregnant. This is because the baby is growing so fast every day. The baby has grown from 3.4 inches recorded in the 14th week to 4 inches in week 15. The weight has also increased rapidly to hit 2.4 ounces. Other developments on week 15 include:

Blood Vessels

The baby’s dense network of blood vessels starts developing. Because the skin is still thin and translucent, the blood vessels can be seen as thin connections that start from the heart running to other parts. Lanugo (skin hair) continues growing to help keep the baby’s body warm. However, it will disappear a few weeks before birth.

Baby Starts Practicing

As the bones and joints become stronger, the baby starts rehearsing for the outside world. This is why he/she keeps sucking, breathing, and swallowing progressively. Besides, the baby also practices aerobics through kicks, curling toes, and moving the arms. However, you might not be able to feel the movements because the baby is still small.

The Baby’ Skeleton Starts to Ossify

The baby’s skeleton and supporting ligaments continue hardening and taking their positions. If an X-Ray image were to be taken at week 15, the entire skeleton would be visible.

The Head becomes Proportional to the Body

As the legs, hands and other parts of the body continue growing, the baby now looks more proportionate. Indeed, it is cuter compared to how it looked in the first trimester of pregnancy. The ears, eyes, and nose are also moving slowly to their positions. But the facial features will continue developing further in the coming weeks.

The Baby can hear your Voice

This is one of the most notable things in week 15. As the ears take their position in the head, the baby’s hearing ability is already developed. Therefore, the baby can hear your voice. When relaxing in a quiet place, go ahead and talk to the baby. Sing that favorite song or even read the most inspiring verse in the bible.

Your body at 15 weeks pregnant

As the baby grows faster with every passing day, your body makes adjustments to make him/her comfortable. The troublesome symptoms of the first trimester continue fading away and you will feel more energetic compared to week 14. Here are other body developments to anticipate in week 15.

  • Weight gain: Because the baby requires more nutrients to support faster growth, your weight gain will accelerate. By week 15, you will have added 5-10 pounds. Doctors recommend that you should add one pound every week.
  • Baby bump starts appearing: The baby has grown so much and the uterus can no longer fit in the pelvis. Therefore, it starts to grow upwards and the baby bump is slightly visible. This is why you now look pregnant than before. If this is your first pregnancy, it might take longer for muscles to stretch as the baby bump grows.

15 Weeks Pregnant is how Many Months?

By week 15, it means you are into the fourth month of pregnancy. Therefore, only five more months are remaining to the due date. Do not wait until the last months to prepare; the time is now!

15 weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Just like the 14th week, your doctor might not need to do an ultrasound scan at week 15. This is the case because the first ultrasound scan is mainly carried out in the first trimester. However, those with complications might need another pregnancy ultrasound in week 15.

In the case of a high-risk pregnancy, the doctor may recommend amniocentesis in week 15. This is a procedure where ultrasound is used to guide a thin needle to collect some amniotic fluid sample. Tests done on the amniotic fluid can be used to detect problems such as Down syndrome.

If you get an ultrasound scan in week 15, it is possible to know the gender of the baby. However, the position of the baby might hide its genitals. In such a case, you will have to wait until the next scan.

15 weeks pregnant symptoms

By week 15 (second week of the second trimester), most of the symptoms you experienced in the first trimester have faded away. Here is the new set of symptoms to expect:

Linear Nigra appears

This is a dark line that runs on the skin from the belly button down to the pelvis. The line will grow darker and broader in the coming weeks and fade after delivery.


As the uterus grows bigger and upwards, it presses your abdomen and neighboring organs. This could cause acid reflux that result in regular heartburns.


The high blood flow in the nasal cavity that started causing stuffy nose at 14 weeks pregnant could intensify and result in nosebleeds.

Pregnancy Brain

At 15 weeks pregnant, some moms are known to become very forgetful. For example, you might forget where your phone is yet you had it just a couple of moments ago.  This is caused by decreasing brain cells during pregnancy. To address this, consider using reminders on your phone and laptop.

Occasional Headaches

This problem can result from stress, fatigue, and hormonal changes. Besides, headaches can occur even in other weeks of your pregnancy. To address the problem, consider placing something cold on the forehead, relaxing, and staying organized to avoid stress.

Lower Back Pain

As the baby bump grows and shifts upwards from the pelvic region, you are likely to experience some lower back pain. You can address this problem by taking more rest in a comfortable position and using low heel shoes.

Things to Do At 15 Weeks Pregnant

Ensure To Take Ample Calcium

On week 15, the baby’s bones and ligaments are starting to ossify. This process requires a lot of calcium.  As such, you need to take prenatal calcium supplements and foods rich in calcium.

Monitor Weight Changes Closely

If you notice a sudden increase in weight, it could be a sign of preeclampsia. You need to seek medical attention immediately because it could be an indication of other problems.

Do Mild Exercises Regularly

Now that the baby bump is still small, you need to exercise regularly. The goal should be taking mild exercises such as walking or swimming that help to promote blood flow and good health.

Delegate Some of the Heavy Tasks

If you are a manager or supervisor with a lot of work on your hands, this might be the time to trust your juniors to do the work for you. Delegation at this point is highly recommended. It ensures that you have ample time to attend checkups and relax to allow the baby to grow well.

Talk To the Baby

Ok. This might seem creepy to some but if you are up to it, why not? Because the baby’s ears are already developed, this is the perfect to talk and bond to your little prince charming or angel. Whisper good words such as how great the baby will be and sing lovely songs to him/her.

15 weeks pregnant checklist

  • Start looking for baby nursery items. You should also start planning for the baby shower.
  • Start researching the places to give birth in your area. Note that this might be dependent on the available healthcare facilities and your insurance cover.
  • Review your insurance cover to see what it covers. Make sure to call or pay the insurance company a visit to ensure everything is okay.
  • Look at the maternity leave options at the workplace. This includes things such as the time you will be given off and how much you will be paid.
  • Start attending childbirth classes.
  • Shop for maternity and child clothing.

Questions to ask your doctor at 15 weeks pregnant

  1. Are there tests that I need to run this week and in the month?
  2. How safe is it for my dentist to do an X-Ray during dental checkups?
  3. What is the best way to manage stress?
  4. Is feeling dizzy in week 15 and the second trimester okay?


Week 15 of pregnancy means that you are getting deeper into the second trimester. It marks the onset of the baby bump appearance that will keep growing until the end of your pregnancy. Positivity is of essence. Stay away from harmful substances, read as much material as you can lay your hands on about pregnancy, have your doctors number on speed dial, maintain a healthy diet, start writing a journal, browse for favorite baby names, and above all, keep safe. One more week is down, what does week 16 have in store for you? The future promises a lot of possibilities!

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