16 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

You have waited for 16 weeks to feel the baby movements. The time is now! The baby’s muscles are now stronger and you can feel the soft magical kicks for the first time. But this is not the only development. The baby is also forming facial expressions and the nervous system is also fast developing. Here are additional insights on what to expect.

Your Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant

Now that most internal organs are formed, the baby’s development is rapid. By the 16th week, the baby’s length measures 4.5 inches while its weight increases to about 4 ounces. This is a huge leap from 2.4 ounces the baby recorded in week 15.

The baby’s muscles, though tiny, continue strengthening and the movements of the arms and legs are more coordinated. The stronger muscles mean that the kicks are stronger and you can feel them. The neck is also lengthening and the head is more erect compared to week 15.

As the facial muscles develop, the ears are now almost at their final position. The eyes have also developed and the baby can make expressive squints and frowns. Though he/she is in the darkness inside the womb, the eyes can make side-to-side moments and perceive light. This is impressive!

Your Body at 16 Weeks Pregnant

At 16 weeks pregnant, you are exactly 4 months pregnant. You are almost halfway! However, there is still a long way of about 5 months ahead. Starting from week fourteen, the baby and uterus have been growing rapidly. The bulging baby bump is adding weight and shifting the center of gravity. This could make walking difficult. But hold on, this is likely to get worse in the coming weeks as the bump grows.

At the end of the 16th week, you should anticipate having added 7-9 pounds. By the time the 40 weeks of pregnancy are over, you will have added about 20 pounds. However, this could vary slightly based on body size.

16 Weeks Pregnant as How Many Months?

At 16 weeks pregnant, you are about 4 weeks to reach the mid-point of the pregnancy. This is a point of accelerated baby growth as the cells multiply rapidly.

16 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

If everything is ok with your pregnancy, the chances are that no ultrasound will be scheduled for week 16. The doctor will only schedule a scan if there are signs of complications. If you get a scan in the 16th week, it will be possible to tell the gender of the baby. The heart will also be seen beating progressively.

16 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, you are still in the blissful phase because of the bounty energy and few distressful symptoms. This is the time to enjoy your pregnancy before the baby bump grows further and starts limiting what you can do. Here are the main symptoms to expect on the 16th week.

Regular Urination

As the womb grows, it puts more pressure on your bladder. As a result, you are likely to feel the urge to urinate regularly. This urge could become even more frequent in the coming weeks. Well, do not hold back, go ahead and relieve yourself!


By the end of week 16, you might start experiencing increased vaginal discharge referred to as leucorrhoea. The discharge should be milky-clear but should not have blood stains. If you notice blood stains, make sure to talk to your doctor immediately.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

This is one of the symptoms that start around the 16th week. It is characterized by numbness, swelling, and some pain on the fingers and wrist. The problem is particularly common in the evening after work or immediately after completing some repetitive tasks such as using the keyboard and driving. This symptom is expected to persist until the end of pregnancy. However, it will simply fade off after delivery. So what can you do about it in week 16?

  • Make sure to get regular breaks to stretch the hands
  • Follow a regular routine of exercises
  • Use a wrist guard
  • Consider using an ergonomic keyboard

Continued Breast Growth

Although your breasts started increasing in size in the first trimester, the growth accelerates in week 16 of pregnancy. As they grow, you should also expect to see more leaks appearing as spots on your bra. Make sure to use the right size bra and breast pads to protect your clothes.

Intensified Back Pain

Since the baby bump started growing at an accelerated rate, one of the common problems has been back pain. In the sixteenth week of pregnancy, you are likely to experience accelerated back pain as more strain is exerted on the back muscles. You can ease this by taking more rest, getting a massage, and sleeping on the side as opposed to on the back. You can also ease the pain with a warm shower.


In this week, you are likely to start feeling like the room is spinning. These dizzy spells are a common side effect of hormones that results in changes in the body circulation system. To address the problem, it is advisable to avoid standing for long periods and remaining hydrated. You should also take more rest and regular exercises. But do not hesitate to contact your doctor if it becomes too much especially when exercising.


Things to Do at 16 Weeks Pregnant

As the second trimester advances, you are now in the blissful days of your pregnancy. Therefore, it is time to have fun and use the bountiful energy. Here are some of the things to do:

Follow a regular exercising routine

Exercises are very crucial in the second trimester and indeed the entire pregnancy. On week 16, it is important to follow your regular exercise routine because it keeps the blood circulating and body fresh. Some great options include walking, swimming, and daily chores at home.

Review the list of things required for delivery

This is a very important task to start now because you might find it difficult to walk around in the last weeks of pregnancy. Well, start ordering and packing the items as early as now.

Continue shopping for baby clothes

This is another crucial task that you need to do regularly to ensure that the baby will have ample clothes after delivery. However, it is important to appreciate that the baby grows very fast after delivery. So, do not just buy small clothes; vary them. For example, go for clothes that the baby can wear when one, three, and five months old.

Prepare for quad screening

Quad screening is a test that measures substances produced by the placenta and fetus in order to check for abnormalities. You should also find out more info about the quad test from the doctor.

Plan to go for a holiday

Like indicated earlier, this is the fun phase of your pregnancy. Been thinking of going for that baby moon vacation? This is the time! Go ahead and plan for a vacation with your partner. Whether it is a weekend getaway or a full week holiday, it will come in handy to help you, your partner, and baby to bond.

16 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Research on available healthcare options after delivery. For example, will you hire a home care service provider or be an at home mom?
  • Attend your childbirth classes
  • Review the pregnancy exercises with your doctor or a health expert
  • Review your finances factoring your personal, baby, and the entire family needs after delivery
  • Discuss with your partner about the family names (keep adding them into a list)
  • Check for any vaginal discharge and note its characteristic in a journal. This could be very helpful if additional diagnoses are needed

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 16 Weeks Pregnant

  1. What is a quad test and how do the results affect my pregnancy? What should I anticipate from the quad test?
  2. What is gestational diabetes and how do I avoid it?
  3. What are the possible causes of miscarriage in the second trimester and how can I remain safe?
  4. Now that the baby has grown significantly, do I need to change my diet? What options do I have?
  5. Should I continue taking my daily dose of folic acid?


The sixteenth week of your pregnancy is a phase of accelerated baby development. It is also a great moment to enjoy the pregnancy because the stubborn symptoms such as fatigue that were characteristic of the first trimester are gone. The additional energy should be put to use well by exercising, holidaying, and preparing for childbirth. Well, enjoy more and stay safe!

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