20 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Yippee! You made it to the halfway mark! At 20 weeks pregnant, you are now halfway in your pregnancy journey. I’m sure this milestone is something you would want to celebrate. Whatever you do, don’t think of popping that champagne bottle to mark this great milestone. It is not good for your baby’s wellbeing! Having said that, The baby bump is growing fast and it is time to rock that sexy free dress you bought a couple of weeks ago. No doubt, this week will be super busy for you. It is the week for the anomaly ultrasound scan that will evaluate the progress of your baby.

Your Baby at 20 Weeks Pregnant

At 20 weeks pregnant, the baby’s length has shot to an amazing 10 inches and about 10.6 oz. What a leap? At this point, you need to appreciate that the measurement is no longer from rump to crown. Instead, it is measured from crown to heel. Here are other things to celebrate about your baby.

This week, the baby has a more baby-like outlook than at any other moment in the past. The facial features such as eyes, nose, and ears have taken shape and look great. When the ultrasound is done in the course of the week, you will want to look at it a couple of times.

The baby is super active, boxing and kicking when awake. If you had not started feeling the soft kicks, you are likely to start getting them this week. He/she will also be sucking the fingers more in preparation for actual suckling after birth.

Around the 20th week, your baby’s skin is developing really fast. The cells of the skin are differentiating and a layer of fat accumulating. But this is not all! Other sensory features such as nerves are also developing on the skin though they will not be clearly visible because the baby is covered in vernix and lanugo.

The baby will also continue swallowing more amniotic fluid that helps to practice different organs of the digestive system. This process started a few weeks ago. For example, the liver will start producing bile to aid in digestion.

Guess what. Your baby’s growth will be accelerated owing to the fact that almost all organs are formed. It will add weight faster in the coming weeks.

Your Body at 20 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you are halfway the pregnancy journey, you probably are grappling with constipation or bleeding gums Well, this is expected because of the changing hormones and elevated blood flow in different areas such as the mouth, legs, and nasal cavities. Other notable things you should anticipate include:

Linea Nigra

Have you realized a dark line running vertically up the belly? If not, take a closer look. It is referred to as linea nigra. This line starts appearing around this period and will darken further in the coming weeks. However, it will disappear after birth.

The Uterus Reaches the Naval

Want an easier way to know how many weeks you are pregnant? The healthcare provider will tell you to measure the fundal height (distance between pubic bone and top of your uterus). In the 20th week, the uterus has grown upwards and reached the navel. Therefore, the fundal height around this time will be around 10 inches.

Your Mental Wellbeing

If you have never had mental issues before, it is not uncommon to become mentally unwell around this time. You might feel sad about your pregnancy. When the feeling catches on you, it is advisable to try and do something to cheer you up. If it does not go away, you need to talk to someone or ask a healthcare provider for assistance on how to address it.

Hair and Nail Growth

Have you noted how strong your hair and nails have become recently? This change becomes more emphasized around this time. As the hormones ensure that the baby gets all the nourishment, your body also benefits. The hormones will extend the good care to you resulting in a smooth face, stronger nails, and fuller hair. Amazing beauty! Go ahead and enjoy the lovely look because it is short lived.

20 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

If you are at the 20th week, the months have rushed rather fast. You are now in the 5th month of your pregnancy. Only 4 months to go! In this week, the baby is still having a lot of room to play in there. But this will change in the coming weeks as the baby’s growth accelerates.

20 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Have you been itching to find out whether your special bundle of joy is a boy or girl? Of course, you have. Don’t even deny it. Well, the wait is over. This is the perfect week to determine the gender of your unborn baby. If everything is okay, your healthcare provider will do an ultrasound scan (anomaly scan) this week.

Because most of the baby’s features are developed, the scan will help to check on them and detect if there are any anomalies. Well, relax because you will be able to finally see the baby making those lovely kicks, sucking the thumb and yawning. It will be a moment to remember! An unforgettable experience!

The ultrasound scan will be able to check the baby’s genital parts so that you can go home with a distinct answer to the big question: “Is it a boy or girl?” Want it to be more fun? Ask your partner to accompany you to the hospital and experience the thrill together.

20 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 20 weeks pregnant, your innie is changing to an outie. Well, the belly button that was rarely visible will suddenly become noticeable as the baby bump pushes the abdomen. Are you worried about it? Simply hold on because it will go back to its place after delivery. Other symptoms to expect this week include:


As the baby and uterus push against the intestines, you are likely to suffer from constipation and heartburn. How can you address this? While it is true that this problem can make you uncomfortable, you can reduce it by taking foods with more fiber and water. Consequently, consider taking small amounts of food more regularly.

Lower back pain

Another impact of the growing uterus and baby is weight gain. All this is transferred to the back and could result in some back pain. This is expected to continue until the end of the pregnancy. Worried? Don’t be. The problem will disappear after delivery.

The good thing about this particular problem is that you can reduce it by having adequate rest. If you love your high heel shoes, you need to do away with them for the remaining period of your pregnancy.

Swollen Feet

This problem is caused by the increasing levels of a hormone known as relaxin. As the hormone relaxes the body ligaments, it causes different body parts such as feet to become bigger. This problem is also contributed by the retention of fluid in the lower part of the body. To address the problem, consider using bigger shoes and engaging in regular exercises.


Around this time, things that are common to you are likely to become difficult to remember. But do not let this forgetfulness make you forego important appointments! There are many tech gadgets such as smartphones that can remind you when it is time to do a specific task.

Things to Do at 20 Weeks Pregnant

At week 20, your pregnancy is still at the blissful stage. Therefore, here are some of the things to do this week.

20th Week Ultrasound

This is one of the important things you need to do. Your healthcare provider will check whether everything about your pregnancy is okay. Some of the things that will be checked include the baby position, bones, organs, weight, age, and heart rate. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask your healthcare provider.

Go for a Holiday/ Getaway

Now that your baby bump is still small, go ahead and enjoy. The baby bump will grow bigger and make it hard to travel in the coming months. Therefore, take a vacation or a short getaway with your partner and have a great time.

Do Regular Exercises

As your pregnancy advances, it is important to make exercises part of your routine. This is because they help the blood to flow easily, relax muscles, and make the baby grow well. However, ensure to only go for mild exercises such as regular walks.

20 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Organize a celebration to mark your midway pregnancy. Take lots of photos to remind you of the great moment!
  • After establishing the gender of the baby, shop for more baby clothes.
  • Start planning for a baby shower.
  • If you have not decided on the baby name, go back to the list and discuss with your partner.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 20 Weeks Pregnant

  • Is my baby okay from the ultrasound scan report?
  • What exercises and foods do I start taking now that the baby has developed so much?
  • Is there a specific pediatrician that you can recommend?


At 20 weeks pregnant, you have hit mid-pregnancy. This is an important point when the anomaly scan is done to evaluate the progress of the pregnancy. Also, it is a great time to have fun because you are still in the blissful period of your pregnancy.

Go ahead and have fun! Also, keep planning for the remaining period of the pregnancy.


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