25 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is in a race to grow longer and add weight. Believe it or not, the baby is now 13 inches (slightly over a foot long) in length and about 1.5 pounds. This is approximately the length of two juice boxes stacked on each other and as heavy as four of them weighed together. It is impressive!

Your Baby at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Around this time, your baby is getting ready for the life outside. He/she knows (through reflex) that the journey to get outside the womb is fast heading to the finish line. To prepare this, the nose and nostrils are starting to practice by taking in amniotic fluid. That is right! This allows the lungs to practice though there is no exchange of oxygen taking place.

A network of lung capillaries is also forming to practice how oxygen exchange will be done after delivery. The lungs are releasing a surfactant that will help the baby to start breathing immediately after delivery.

At 25 weeks pregnant, the skin of your baby appears pinkish as a network of blood vessels start to form. Remember that a few weeks ago, the liver, spleen, and bones started forming blood cells. In this week, the baby is developing a network of blood vessels and pumping blood through them.

In the eyes, the cells that perceive light (rods and cones), are also developing further.  Even though the eyelids are completely shut, the eye cells will still perceive it. Go ahead and do a test. Put a spotlight on the baby bump when the baby is awake and you will notice response with some movements. This is amazing!

Your Body at 25 Weeks Pregnant

You are now approaching the last trimester and your baby is growing bigger than any other moment since you fell pregnant. The baby bump is also growing fast as your body makes space for the baby. If you measure the fundal height (the distance between the pubic bone and top of the uterus) around this time, it will be about 25 centimeters. A match with number ‘25’ which is the age of your pregnancy!

At 25 weeks pregnant, you are adding weight fast and have probably gained about 17.5 pounds. But if you are pregnant with twins, you should have gained around 30 pounds. Around this time, fast weight gain can be a concern and source of anxiety. However, there is no need for alarm because part of it is caused by water gain that starts at mid-pregnancy. Make sure to talk to your doctor and set the weight gain targets.

25 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

Time is rushing! At 25 weeks pregnant, you are in the sixth month. This means that you only have two weeks to the end of the first trimester and 15 weeks to the finishing line.


25 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

It is unlikely that you will get an ultrasound this week unless your doctor has recommended further monitoring of the baby. But if you happen to take a peep at the cutie developing in the womb, he/she is becoming a master of equilibrium and trying with different positions. Besides, your baby is also adding fat below the skin and hair is also developing on the head.

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

As the end of the second trimester draws nearer, you are likely to start feeling tired because the belly is getting bigger. This is likely to shift your center of gravity and make walking hard. Well, it is time to ditch the stilettos (at least for now) and go for low heel shoes. Here are other symptoms you should expect at 25 weeks pregnant.

Restless Leg Syndrome

This symptom makes you feel like moving legs constantly to remove crawling sensation. The symptoms are common when you are sleeping or resting and can be felt in the arms, thighs, and at times even the hands.

Though the causes of restless leg syndrome are still unclear, some studies have associated it with folate and iron deficiencies. Therefore, you need to ensure your diet is balanced with all essential minerals. You can also calm the symptom using regular exercises and taking a warm shower before going to bed.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

CTS condition is experienced when the carpal tunnel that houses the median nerve is compressed. Fluid retention, hormonal changes, and glucose level changes during pregnancy can result in symptoms of CTS. The effect is tingling and numbness of hands especially when doing repetitive tasks or sleeping. In most of the cases, you do not need any treatment for CTS. It will go away a few weeks after delivery.


Hemorrhoids are itchy veins that develop on the rectum because of pressure from the uterus and increasing blood flow in the pelvic region. Though they are not dangerous, they can be downright painful. At times, you could even experience some bleeding.

To keep the problem at bay, you should take enough water and foods with a lot of fibers such as vegetables, nuts, and whole food grains. Doing Kegel exercises can also help to reduce strain when you poop.


Has snoring become common at 25 weeks pregnant? It becomes an issue for many moms during pregnancy because of the increased blood flow in the mucous membrane of your nose. Though the problem should disappear weeks after delivery, make sure to tell your doctor about it to ensure that you are not suffering from sleep apnea.

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

If you are experiencing some pain in the pelvic region, it could be as a result of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). This problem results from the hormone relaxin that causes ligaments and muscles to relax as the body prepares for labor and delivery. To reduce the symptom, you have to stay on top of your pelvic tilts and Kegel exercises that help to strengthen muscles in the pelvic region.

Things to Do at 25 Weeks Pregnant

  • Consider Pre-Registering For Delivery

Have you selected the preferred medical facility for delivery? If you have, this is a great time to pre-register for your delivery. This registration ensures that you complete most of the paperwork so that you do not have to fill a dozen forms at the height of your labor. If you are yet to identify a delivery facility, this could also be the ideal time to pick the best.

  • Re-Evaluate Your Exercise Routine

What exercises have you been taking in the past few weeks? The growing baby bump around this time requires you to review your exercises routine. Some of the recommended options include ball exercises and Kegel exercises. You should also consider talking to your doctor to learn about healthier and safer exercise options.

  • Signup For Parenting Classes

How much do you know about parenting? As pregnancy comes to an end, another chapter of parenting will commence. Parenting classes can help you to understand more about personal and baby care after delivery. For example, these classes can help you to reduce problems such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • Time To Make Love With Your Partner

Feeling like making love more around this time? Well, get down and have fun with your partner. The elevated level of libido is caused by hormonal changes and a high supply of blood in the pelvic region. Remember to use the right positions that make you comfortable.

25   Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Research about cord blood banking.
  • Consider tracking baby sleep-wake patterns and fetal movements.
  • Take your regular folic and iron supplements as recommended by the doctor.
  • Review your diet in line with the doctor’s recommendation and weight gain targets.
  • Talk and sing to your baby.
  • Dispatch your baby shower invitation cards.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 25 Weeks Pregnant

  • What pregnancy conditions should I be on the lookout for in the remaining part of my pregnancy?
  • How often should I track the fetal movements?
  • Does sexual intercourse pose any risk for me and my baby?


At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby and body are gearing for the final stretch – third trimester, and preparing for delivery. Now that most of your baby’s organs are properly developed, the overall growth is amazingly fast. Your body is also starting to prepare how it will handle labor and nourish the baby after the 40th week.

You should take this time to continue preparing for things such as baby shower, finances, delivery, breastfeeding, and clothing. Also, make sure to also have a lot of fun while at it!

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