26 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

At 26 weeks pregnant, it looks like things are getting tougher. Aren’t they? You are getting it tough as the baby kicks get stronger and Braxton Hicks Contractions become the order of the day. Well, relax because the body is preparing for labor and delivery. And you know what? You are almost 2/3 of the way to complete your pregnancy journey! In about 14 weeks from now, all these challenges you are experiencing will be a distant memory when you finally get to hold your bundle of joy in your hands!

Your Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Around this time, your baby is busy taking over your life! He/she is busy messing with your sleep, memory, and every other aspect of your life. Believe it or not, your baby will continue doing that even after delivery.

The baby has now grown and measures about 14 inches and weighs about 1.7 pounds. This means he is as big as a courgette. He/she is not just developing features, but also talents. He/she keeps trying the strength of the grip by grabbing anything that comes close such as toes and umbilical cord. Amazing!

Guess who is looking! It is your little cutie! The baby’s eyes that have been closed all along will begin to open in the 26th week. This implies that your baby will be able to see, though the sight will be blurry. But the iris still lacks pigmentation at this stage. It will be added in the coming months.

Brain wave activity of the baby is also gearing up. This means that the little one does not just hear noises in the environment, but is also able to respond to them through increased movements and pulse rate. Therefore, go ahead and play lovely music or recite inspirational stanzas because your baby is listening!

Your Body at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Do you love your growing baby bump? It is growing at a very fast rate. Now, the uterus has reached 2.5 inches above your belly button. Everywhere you go, the bump is shouting “you are pregnant” and some people might be tempted to touch.

You know what? It is not just your belly that is growing! Your breasts are also growing fast as they prepare to nourish your baby after delivery. Therefore, you better get a well-fitting bra with broad straps and cup coverage. And do not forget to also pick a few breast pads because some colostrum might start leaking from your breasts.

26 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

Time is racing so fast! At 26 weeks pregnant, you are in the sixth month. To be precise, you are five months and three weeks pregnant. This means that you only have one more week to the start of the third trimester and only three months to the due date!

26 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Typically, there is no ultrasound scheduled for week 26 unless your doctor recommends one for further monitoring. But if you happen to get a peep at your baby through an ultrasound, its face is now fully formed with the nose, mouth, and eyes becoming more active. You will notice the mouth and nose taking amniotic fluid for practice. The eyes will also be seen moving and could open in the course of the week.

The legs and hands have become very strong and their muscles can be seen propelling stronger kicks. Well, get ready for stronger gymnastics in the coming weeks!

26 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Is that the navel showing through your cloth? That is right. By now you have probably gained between 17 and 21 pounds. If you are pregnant with twins, you are likely to have gained between 27 and 41 pounds. Around this time, the pregnancy symptoms will be more discomfort as the baby grows rapidly and your body prepares for delivery.

Pregnancy brain

Are you finding it hard to remember things? This symptom becomes more evident starting from week 26 though some moms might start experiencing it earlier. The problem is caused by fluctuations of hormones in the body. But it is not time to miss that important appointment! Go ahead and use your smartphone for reminders especially for the most important schedules.


This is another symptom caused by pregnancy hormones. It can also result from stress as you try to cope with baby kicks, body changes, and multiple schedules in your diary. Well, you can reduce the headaches by getting organized to have everything done and staying hydrated. Besides, make sure to have someone such as your spouse close for support and discuss the problem with your doctor if it becomes persistent.

Note: You should not simply rush to use over-the-counter pain relievers without a prescription!

Regular Urination

Feel like going to the washroom although you were there less than 15 minutes ago? It is okay. As the baby grows, it exerts pressure on the bladder making you feel like relieving yourself regularly.

However, you should be on the lookout for urinary tract infections that become very common around this time. If you notice painful urination, make sure to check with your doctor immediately for further diagnosis.

Braxton Hicks Contractions

Though you might have started experiencing cramping earlier on, they are becoming stronger around this time. They feel like cramps (tightening) in your abdomen and can be a little painful. The contractions are part of the body’s effort to prepare for labor and delivery.  They are bound to become stronger in the third trimester.

If you are unsure of Braxton Hicks Contractions, go ahead and talk to your doctor about them.

Shifting Center Of Gravity

As your baby bump grows bigger and weight increases, your center of gravity shifts forward. This is likely to compromise your balance resulting in slips and falls more often. Though this loss of balance is temporary, it is prudent to be extra careful with the shower and any slippery surfaces. It is also advisable to avoid high heel shoes for now.

Things to Do at 26 Weeks Pregnant

Practice Good Posture

As your belly grows, it is important to learn how to walk safely to avoid getting overly tired and falling. But how exactly do you walk safely? Make sure to avoid thrusting the stomach forward and shoulder backward. This can cause more back pain! Instead, try to look for a straight line between the hips and shoulders (as if you are resting the back on a wall). This should provide some relief.

Start Putting the Baby Nursery in Place

If you had not started setting up the baby nursery, the 26th week will be a good moment. Make sure to select the baby items that are impressive to your eyes. As you buy most baby items such as clothes, note that the baby will outgrow them very fast. Therefore, go for different sizes.

Tour Your Maternity Ward

It is only 14 weeks before the due date. Therefore, get a hang of the maternity ward that you will use. Go ahead and talk to the medical staff and moms who have delivered to know what to anticipate. Do not hesitate to ask hard questions that might be bothering you.

Spend More Time with Your Partner

As more discomfort sets in, you are likely to get stressed and feel the need to have someone to lean on. Well, it is a great idea to spend more time with your partner. Ask him to take you for dinner, relax together in the evening, or go for a short getaway.  

26   Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Attend your childbirth and parenting classes.
  • Do your weekly exercises.
  • Fill your pregnancy journal especially noting the kicks and baby movements.
  • Sing and talk to your baby more often.
  • Recheck the preparation for the baby shower to ensure that everything is ok.
  • Have your significant other feel the baby movements.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 26 Weeks Pregnant

  1. I have heard many times that ‘breast milk is the best’ but is it enough? Will my baby starve? What exactly is wrong with formula?
  2. What causes urinary tract infections? What are the best ways to prevent urinary tract infections?
  3. I do not appear to get it right on these Braxton Hicks Contractions. How do I know when real labor is starting?


When you hit 26 weeks pregnant, only a small portion of the journey is remaining. The baby is now well formed and keeps practicing skills such as cycling, walking, grabbing, suckling, and breathing. But the growth and frenzy is likely to cause you more discomforts through kicks, shifting center of gravity, and Braxton Hicks Contractions.

Well, it is time to relax more, do mild exercises, take the right meals, and share great moments with your spouse. Also, finish preparations for events of the third trimester. The journey is fast coming to a close!

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