30 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Are you feeling like a walking belly? At 30 weeks pregnant, your growing belly is becoming the center of attention. It is indeed doing more than making it tough for you to walk around because of the shifting center of gravity. Now, everyone is also noting you and seems to have a comment about your pregnancy. It can be really fun. However, it is possible to come across some people who make negative comments. Do not take them seriously or engage them.

And you know what? The growing baby bump will also earn you a lot of perks. If you pop into a bank and people urge you to step forward and get cleared first, go ahead and take the perks. It means that a lot of people respect the process of childbearing. Did we not come from the same process? You betcha!

Your Baby at 30 Weeks Pregnant

At 30 weeks pregnant, your baby is adding weight fast and has hit about 2.9 pounds. He has also grown in height to reach approximately 15.7 inches. Every week from now, your baby will be adding about 1.5 pounds.

Around this time, your baby is on a mission to shed off lanugo (hair that had covered his body). This process will continue until the due date. However, you might find some hair still on the body during delivery, especially behind the ears and the back.

Talking of hair, did you know that there are cases of babies being born with full heads of hair? Well, such a case should not worry you because the hair will be shed off and another cute baby hair will emerge!

Your Body at 30 Weeks Pregnant

It is getting so tight! At 30 weeks pregnant, your body is getting very active in preparing for labor and delivery. The tightness and hardness you are experiencing are the natural body’s preparation for delivery. The contractions are short and you do not need to worry much about them. In most of the cases, you will experience the prep contractions after sex, when dehydrated or tired. To get some relief, consider relaxing, taking some water, or lying down.

NOTE: You need to immediately talk to your doctor if the contractions become frequent or too close to each other. This could be a signal of pre-term labor!

Your baby bump is growing fast to cater to your baby. In the coming weeks, the uterus will grow and go past the rib cage. Right away, the amniotic fluid is approximately 1.5 pints. Though it might appear crowded, your baby still has ample room to make varying movements.

30 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

Have you noticed that the weeks are passing so fast? At 30 weeks pregnant, you are in the seventh month of pregnancy (six months and two weeks). This means that you only have ten weeks to the due date.

30 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

Your baby is finally strong enough to grasp your finger! At the 30th week of pregnancy, it is unlikely that you are going to get any pregnancy ultrasound unless your doctor recommends one. However, if you were to look at your baby in the womb, you would easily notice muscles building in different areas and the well-formed hands. Your baby’s grip is now firm and can grab a finger. When the umbilical cord or toes get close by, he practices by grabbing them.

If you take a closer look at your baby, you will note his brain that was initially smooth is now becoming rugged. This implies that it is developing specialized areas that help to perform varying functions such as cognition and memory. This growth is expected to continue in the remaining weeks and even after delivery.

30 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Are you finding it hard to get balance even when walking on “even” surfaces? This is caused by the center of gravity that is shifting towards the front. Well, the problem is likely to become even worse as your baby bump grows bigger. If you had not done away with high heels, you need to stay away from them, at least for now. Other symptoms include:

Shortness of Breath

At 30 weeks pregnant, the uterus is growing and pushing the diaphragm resulting in shortness of breath. You are likely to experience the problem, especially when doing tasks that require a lot of effort. However, this problem will start easing in the next month as your baby drops down to the pelvic region.

Swollen Feet

Take a closer look at your feet. Are they swollen? If yes, you are not alone. Approximately 2/3 of pregnant women suffer from swollen feet during pregnancy. This is caused by water retention in the lower part of the body. You can reduce the discomfort by elevating your feet when relaxing for water to drain easily. You should also be active doing mild exercises and taking enough water. Also, consider getting bigger shoes.

Trouble Sleeping

Is it midnight and you are yet to get some sweet sleep? Your baby bump can make it uncomfortable for you to sleep especially if you are in the wrong position. Besides, if your baby is active at night, the kicks and punches can also make getting good sleep a mirage. To address these, consider using pillows to support the belly when sleeping for extra comfort. Besides, do not wait to only sleep at night. Instead, take every opportunity to catch some sleep.

Stretch Marks

At 30 weeks pregnant, your skin is stretching so much to provide ample space for the growing baby. This results to formation of stretch marks. But it is not just the belly that is developing stretch marks. The butt, thighs, breasts, and hands are also developing stretch marks. All that you can do now is to apply some oil to reduce the itchiness. However, the problem will disappear after delivery.

Things to Do at 30 Weeks Pregnant

  • Practice a Hospital Run Test

If you live alone and drive yourself, it is important to get an estimate of how long it will take to get to the hospital when labor commences. This week will be a great time to do the hospital run test. This means identifying the best route and shortest time to the hospital.

  • Decide who Will Take Care of your other Children When you Leave for Deliver

If you have other kids, it is important to organize who will be in charge when you leave for delivery. This person should also be there to receive you when you arrive from the hospital with your baby.

  • Pack the Hospital Bag

If you are yet to finish packing your hospital bag, this is a great week to do that. Make sure to include all the critical things that you need for delivery and keeping your baby warm. Besides, you also need to carry personal items to use when you will be away.

  • Do your Regular Kegel Exercises:

Are you worried about labor? Well, you are not alone. One of the methods to help make your labor and delivery less stressful and painful is practicing Kegel exercises. The exercises help to practice the pelvic muscles and will come in handy during delivery.

  • Track your Baby Movements

In most of the cases, doctors recommend that you track the fetal movements as a way of establishing if your baby is progressing on well. Consider recording this in a pregnancy journal.

30 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Attend your antenatal clinic for week 30.
  • Do your weekly Kegel exercises.
  • Take lots of photos to remember the nature of your pregnancy at week 30.
  • Start shopping for a safe car baby seat. This will be used during the trip home after delivery and later.
  • Plan for a maternity photo shoot.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 30 Weeks Pregnant

  • I read that some pregnancies go past the 40th-week mark. What are the associated risks? Is my pregnancy at risk of going beyond the 40th week?
  • Though I have selected a specific doctor to attend to me during delivery, what happens if I go into labor when he/she is not around?
  • What skincare products should I avoid?


At 30 weeks pregnant, the finishing line of your pregnancy is now clear as the body keeps practices for labor through Braxton Hicks contractions. At this point, you need to have the birth plan, the hospital bag, and the transport you prefer to use to the delivery hospital well prepared. More importantly, make sure to stay safe, eat the right food, relax more, and stay organized to avoid stress!

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