31 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Can you believe that by now, your baby’s five senses are fully developed? The brain has also advanced so much that your baby is now in full control of its own growth and most of its actions. For example, the sleep-wake patterns are now controlled by the brain as opposed to reflex.

Now that your baby’s senses are starting to work, you might be getting nervous about sexual intercourse with your partner. Will my baby know when I having sex? Well, your cutie is just enjoying his time and still too tiny to comprehend what is happening around. Therefore, go ahead and have great moments with your significant other.

Your Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant

At 31 weeks pregnant, your baby’s bones are hardening and making the legs, hands, and other parts of the body strong. This is why you are advised to take ample calcium and phosphorous around this time. However, it is important to note that the bones of the skull remain flexible and soft to make it easy for your baby to go through the birth canal during delivery. This is why your baby will have fontanelles (soft parts on the skill) that will close several months after delivery.

By now, your baby is approximately 16.2 inches and about to hit the birth length. However, he will add approximately five more pounds before the due date. But this is not all. Your baby is now taking more time sleeping so that the sleep-wake patterns are more distinct. This means that you also have the opportunity to relax more without experiencing the kicks and boxes during the baby’s sleep session.

At 31 weeks pregnant, your baby’s eyes have already developed the iris. This means that your baby can now react to light.  When you shine light on the belly, your baby can react with actions such as closing the eyes, moving hands, kicks, and twists. How Impressive!

Your Body at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Is the growing baby belly getting in the way of your lifestyle? From sleeping to tying your shoe laces, everything might appear stressful. Well, this problem is likely to get even worse in the coming weeks as the belly grows bigger. But there is a brighter side: the end of the journey when you can finally hold your little cutie in your arms is drawing nearer.

Does your stomach feel like it is in the chest! This is because the uterus is still growing upwards and pushing the stomach up. At 31 weeks pregnant, the uterus is likely to have reached approximately four inches above the belly button. However, this is about to change in the next couple of weeks when the uterus starts shifting downward.

31 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

At 31 weeks pregnant, you are on your seventh month of pregnancy. This implies that over 2/3 of the journey is covered and you are only about two months to the due date.

31 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 31 weeks pregnant, the chances are that you might not have an ultrasound scan. However, if you have conditions such as gestational diabetes, your doctor might recommend additional baby checkup through an ultrasound scan.

If you happen to take a peep at your baby at 31 weeks pregnant, you will be able to see the fully formed face. It might also be possible to see your baby making gestures such as smiling or getting active with thumb sucking. Well, go ahead and ask the doctor to get a video that you can store to watch in the future. Imagine surprising your grownup boy at his 20th birthday with the ultrasound scan video showing how he sucked the thumb finger. It will be hilarious!

31 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Starting from a few months ago, your breasts have been growing in size as they prepare for baby nourishment after delivery. In addition to growing bigger, your breasts might also have developed stretch marks. If you find the stretch marks itchy, simply apply some skin moisturizer on the skin. Here are other pregnancy symptoms to anticipate at 31 weeks pregnant.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is a tingling sensation on your hands, especially when doing repetitive tasks or after waking up. The problem is caused by the swelling in the hands that presses the carpel tunnel that houses the median nerve. In most of the cases, this problem will go away after delivery. However, you need to discuss it with your doctor during the next prenatal checkup. If the problem is severe, the medical expert might recommend the use of wrist splint.


Are you feeling tired even after doing simple tasks? It is common at 31 weeks pregnant owing to the fact that your body is very active to ensure that your baby is properly nourished and in the best condition as you head towards delivery.

In many cases, exhaustion is worsened by the fact that you are also finding it hard to get enough sleep. To address the problem, you should try to catch some sleep when possible, do ample exercises, and take enough food.

Peeing more Often

As your baby grows at a fast rate at 31 weeks pregnant, some of the pressure is exerted directly on the bladder. This means that the bladder fills up faster and you need to visit the restroom regularly. At times, you might experience some bladder leak especially when you sneeze. This situation is referred to as snissing. Consider using a panty liner to avoid soiling your clothes or getting embarrassed.

Dry and Brittle Nails

As the pregnancy hormones promote the proper development of your baby, your body also experiences accelerated growth in some parts especially the fingernails and toenails. However, the nails feel brittle. To address this effect, you should consider using moisturizing cuticle oil. Besides, this might be a perfect time for a treat at the spa.

Practice Contractions

If you had not started experiencing the practice contractions (Braxton Hicks contractions) in the past few weeks, they are likely to start at week 31 of your pregnancy. These contractions last a short moment and feel like your stomach and pelvic muscles are tightening and then relaxing. This should not worry you because the body is preparing for labor when the delivery date arrives.

Things to Do at 31 Weeks Pregnant

Learn the Signs of Pre-term Labor

Like most pregnant moms, there is no doubt that you do not want labor to start when you are unprepared. Therefore, you need to be able to differentiate between practice contractions and actual labor. The common signs of false labor include:

  1. The contractions are irregular.
  2. They last a short moment.
  3. The time between one contraction and the next is very long.
  4. Not very painful.
  5. They feel like menstrual cramps.
  6. The false contractions are triggered by things such as having sexual intercourse and touching of maternal abdomen.

NOTE: If you are unsure of whether the contractions are false or real, do not hesitate to talk to your healthcare provider or check into the nearest healthcare. It is better to visit the doctor and be told they are false contractions as opposed to getting caught off-guard at home!

Hold your Baby Shower

If you are the one organizing for your baby shower, this can be a great time to hold it because you still have ample energy and can still enjoy special moments with friends.

Take a Last-Minute Vacation with your Significant other

While there is no doubt that the pregnancy is taking over your life, the remaining nine weeks are likely to be more challenging. Therefore, a vacation with your significant other where you can relax more and finish preparing for delivery can be very helpful.

31 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Check and order a few baby upkeep books.
  • Do you have pets? Start preparing them for your baby’s arrival.
  • Do your regular Kegel exercises.
  • Schedule the 32nd-week prenatal checkup.
  • Determine the person you want to be with you during labor. Is it your significant other, a friend, or a doula?

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 31 Weeks Pregnant

  • Do I need to change the diet as my pregnancy comes to a close?
  • Because my baby’s senses are well developed, can he figure out when am having sex and orgasm?


At 31 weeks pregnant, the finishing line of your pregnancy is clearly in sight. Because most of your baby’s organs are properly developed, the focus is now about labor and delivery. That said, are you ready? From the hospital bag to a baby nursery, make sure that everything is ready for your bundle of joy.

Remember that from 31 weeks pregnant, you should have a close person to support you emotionally and physically. He/she should also be available day or night at short notice.

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