37 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week

Congratulations, you are finally 37 weeks pregnant! And you know what? Your baby is finally ‘at-term’ and can arrive any time now. Are you ready? Your body has been preparing for labor and delivery and is now on the final touches. Well, here is what to anticipate in the 37th week.

Your Baby at 37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks pregnant, most of the organs of your baby are well developed. Therefore, growth is focused more on adding weight, strengthening bones, and preparing for birth. Now, your baby measures 19 inches (48.5 cm) and weighs about 6.3 pounds (2.8 kg).

At week 37, your baby has grown and the space in the amniotic sac is getting smaller. Therefore, he is not punching and kicking as hard as he did in the last few weeks. Besides, the amniotic fluid is decreasing commensurate to your baby’s growth.

The brain of your baby continues developing at 37 weeks pregnant as cells in the differentiated areas grow and multiply. This process is expected to continue even after delivery. Besides, the lungs are also practicing breathing using amniotic fluid. Note that even with these progressive developments, your baby will be fine if delivered in this week.

If your baby had not engaged (taken a head-down position), he will this week. Then, he will remain in that position until delivery.

Your Body at 37 Weeks Pregnant

Now that your baby is considered full-term and can be delivered at any moment, what are the changes to expect in your body? Well, call it the countdown to delivery!  As your body prepares for labor and delivery, it packs additional fat and nutrients to help nourish your baby after delivery. By now your body has added about 29.7 lbs – 35.0 lbs (13.5 kg -15.9 kg).

Another interesting thing about your body is pregnancy brain. Because of the many things that you need to think about and do, your mind becomes very forgetful. This is referred to as pregnancy brain. You will notice that even remembering where you’ve kept the phone a few minutes ago is a tad difficult. To ensure you do not skip important appointments, try to get organized and use reminders on your smartphone.

37 Weeks Pregnant is How Many Months?

Time is rushing so fast! At 37 weeks pregnant, you are in the ninth month of pregnancy. Only a few weeks are remaining! Starting from the first week of pregnancy, it has been a long journey with its fair share of challenges. Congratulations because you have overcome all of them!

37 Weeks Pregnant Ultra Sound

By the 37th week of pregnancy, you are likely to have had all your ultrasounds. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will have one this week. If your doctor recommends an ultrasound, you will be able to see your fully developed baby. You will see most of your baby’s features including the toes and fingernails, the smooth skin, and facial features. And that is not all. You will also see your baby making varying gestures. Wink, smile … he knows quite a number!

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

At 37 weeks pregnant, the symptoms that you experience can be confused with signs of real labor. Therefore, it is important to ensure you understand how to detect true labor so that you head to the hospital when they kick in. Here are the symptoms to expect at 37 weeks pregnant.

  • Spotting: At weeks 37 pregnant, the cervix is getting extra sensitive and can be easily irritated resulting in some drops of blood. For example, having sex can make the vagina to release some blood drops. While some spotting is okay, you need to distinguish it from the bloody show. If you are not sure, make sure to talk to your doctor immediately!
  • Practice contractions: Practice contractions (Braxton Hicks) that started a few weeks ago are going to continue in week 37. Your body is using the contractions to prepare for actual labor and delivery. Braxton Hicks contractions are irregular and only take a short moment before disappearing. However, if you find the contractions have become frequent and are taking longer, it might be time to head to the hospital.
  • Back pain: As your baby takes the head-down position, it is possible to experience more pressure on the spine. This is bound to cause you some back pain. To relieve the pain, make sure to look for the most comfortable position and always sleep on your side.

Things to Do at 37 Weeks Pregnant

At 37 weeks pregnant, you have probably done all the preparations for welcoming your baby. At this point, the ‘nesting instincts’ have taken over and you want to perfect everything for your baby. Therefore, here is what to do at 37 weeks pregnant.

  • Rearrange your Baby’s Area and Ensure it is Perfect

Set the baby area the way you want your baby to find it when you come from the hospital. Move a step further to look at the items you have bought for your baby. If anything is missing, make sure to order it right away. Also, ensure other baby items such as the baby car seat and cleaning materials among others are ready.

  • Take a Last-Minute Retreat with your Significant Other

There is nothing as refreshing and energizing as having your significant other take you for a short getaway at 37 weeks pregnant. Even if it is just a short afternoon at the top hotel of choice, you will enjoy every minute. Take the moment to bond and share great dreams about your baby’s future. You want your baby to be great. Don’t you?

  • Hold your Baby Shower

If you had not held your baby shower, it is already getting late! If you hold a baby shower this week, it will be a great opportunity to show your friend how well you have prepared for your baby. Besides, this could also be a great moment to tell your friends the gender of your baby if you had not.

  • Have Sex with your Partner

At 37 weeks pregnant, it is pretty safe to get intimate with your partner. Do away with the myth that your baby will know about it! The only challenge you might have is selecting a comfortable position. Getting intimate can help you to keep feeling good, relieve stress and bond more with your partner.

  • Learn about Post-Delivery Diet

After delivering your baby, what food should you take? This is the time to learn about it. Remember that you will be eating food to create milk for your baby and heal after a lengthy period of pregnancy. Therefore, restock your fridge!

37 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • If you want to remember this time of your pregnancy, take some photos. Well, you may never know whether they are the last ones before labor starts.
  • Check your hospital bag to ensure it has everything. And, make sure to carry it everywhere you go. If you go out shopping, to church, or for dinner, carry it because you might not have time to rush home if labor sets in.
  • If you have not visited your delivery hospital, this is a great time to visit. Remember to carry and ask all the questions that have been disturbing you.
  • Take time reading about postpartum depression (PPD). Ensure to have your partner appreciate the problem and how he can help. Consider involving a medical expert.
  • Read more about baby poop. Yap, baby poop. Establish how it should look, the number of times your baby should poop, and changing diapers.
  • Plan for 38 weeks pregnant checkup.
  • Check your car to ensure it is good condition to take you to the hospital should you need to any moment.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor at 37 Weeks Pregnant

As the due date approaches, a lot of questions pile on the head. Your doctor has been there and seen everything about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Therefore, he is the best person to answer questions about your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Go ahead and ask even the question you think is so personal. Here are some of the questions you should ask at weeks 37 pregnant.

  • What risks do I face if I go past the due date? What are the chances that I will go past the due date?
  • Doctor, can you tell me more about the newborn tests that I should anticipate after delivering my baby.
  • I am worried about bleeding after birth. How long should I expect the bleeding to continue? What should I consider a red alert about bleeding after delivery?
  • My periods stopped when I became pregnant, when should I expect them to resume after delivery? At what point should I start using family planning methods after delivery?


At 37 weeks pregnant, you are finally ready for delivery. Although your due date is about three weeks away, delivery can take place any moment from now. Therefore, you need to be ready to head to the hospital at any moment. Take time to relax, and make your hospital bag your ‘partner’ everywhere you go.

Behold, the finish line is here!

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