7 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Symptoms Week By Week

You’ve heard stories about pregnancies and you can’t help but wonder how yours will be like. Your life long desire was to one day meet the love of your love, fall recklessly in love, have a white wedding, and start a family of your own. You’ve heard that pregnancies are a bitter sweet experience. Sweet in the sense that you are overcome with joy of motherhood and bitter with the sometimes nasty pregnancy symptoms.

Unlike other women, you are not particular about announcing your pregnancy to all and sundry. You are 7 weeks pregnant now and your best kept secret is safe. You are the only one who knows that you are pregnant. The feeling is surreal! How come nobody has noticed? What can you expect at 7 weeks pregnant? Can someone notice your bump or is it too early? How severe will be the symptoms at 7 weeks pregnant? You definitely have a lot a questions. Read on to find out about all these and many more!

Your Baby at 7 Weeks Pregnant

At 7 weeks pregnant, your baby measures 0.6cm and is now the size of a blueberry. Sounds pretty much tiny, right? Well, let me paint a picture for you. That baby of yours that is now a quarter inch in length is actually – wait for it -10,000 times bigger than what it was 4 weeks ago. Amazing, right? At week 7, much of your baby’s development is concentrated on a very important organ – the head. It is during this week that very important brain cells are generated at an amazing rate of 100 every minute.

Apart from the head development, week 7 also features the development of a very important organ known as the umbilical cord. This cord is very important in so far as the nourishment of your baby while in the womb is concerned. It forms a very important connection between you and your baby. It’s through the umbilical cord that your baby will get important access to nutrients instrumental in its growth and survival.

7 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months?

At 7 weeks, you are in your second month of pregnancy. At this point, you only have 33 more weeks (7 months) to go before you give birth!

7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

In all honesty, a 7 weeks ultra sound is not normal especially if you’ve had pretty much safe pregnancies in the past. However, if you are a first time mom, you probably are dying to see how your baby is developing. Consequently, if you’ve had some medical conditions that threatened your pregnancy in the past, going for an ultra sound at 7 weeks is the most logical thing to do.

An ultrasound will tell you whether your baby is doing fine or if there is something you need to be worried about. It will also tell you whether you are experiencing a single baby or a set of twins. There are a number of symptoms associated with a twin pregnancy at 7 weeks apart from the ultra sound showing 2 gestational sacs.

For one, a blood test to confirm your pregnancy would have revealed an abnormally high level of the pregnancy hormone HCG in your blood. Secondly, if you are pregnant with twins, your bump will start showing earlier and for some moms-to-be, the morning sickness is quite severe. That said, the importance of a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound cannot be understated especially if you have a history of a troublesome pregnant.

What to Expect At 7 Weeks Pregnant

In your 7th week of pregnancy, you will notice a number of changes in your body. Though your bump is not visible yet, you most probably have become aware of a number of pregnancy symptoms. 7 weeks pregnant symptoms are more or less like the ones you experienced at 6 weeks. Some of the pregnancy symptoms include:

Morning Sickness

In the 7th week of pregnancy, you probably feel like pulling off your hair because of the severe morning sickness. Strange how it’s called morning sickness yet it occurs at any time of the day, right? The morning sickness might be driving you crazy but you need to hang in there. Nausea is very common in the first trimester of pregnancy but subsides towards the third trimester.

Some do ask: Is it normal not to have morning sickness at 7 weeks? Believe it or not, not all women experience morning sickness at 7 weeks pregnant. It is therefore very normal if you are 7 weeks pregnant and nausea is nowhere to be seen.

Mood Swings

Your hormones are working overtime and the resultant effect is that you find yourself experiencing emotional highs or lows. One minute you are this happy go girl and the other minute you can’t stand the presence of some people. This is perfectly normal when in your 7th week of pregnancy and therefore you shouldn’t be alarmed when you are extra emotional.

Food Cravings

Do you find yourself having an appetite for weird food stuffs that you normally wouldn’t touch? Is it lost on you how all of a sudden you can’t stand a meal or delicacy that used to be your favorite? If yes, what you are experiencing is food cravings or aversions which is perfectly normal in the 7th week of pregnancy. While it is okay to develop a certain liking for select foods, try not to indulge too much as to harm your baby. Consult your doctor on the types of foods to avoid and the ones to eat during your pregnancy.


Spotting is absolutely normal in the early stages of pregnancy. Now that you are pregnant, chances are that your cervix is a little more sensitive which makes spotting quite normal after having intercourse. Spotting could also be because of the recently implanted egg in the uterus and is not in any way an indication of an ectopic pregnancy or any other form of miscarriage. If you notice heavy bleeding, consult your doctor immediately.

Breast Changes

At 7 weeks, you might notice some changes to your breasts. Some of these changes include nipple sensitivity or nipple erection, enlarged tender breasts, and darkening of the areola. Your breasts have begun prepping for the important task of nourishing your baby when it’s finally ushered into the world. Breast discomfort is quite normal during the first trimester of pregnancy. A comfortable and well-fitting bra might help remedy the situation. The good news is that it’s only common during the first trimester and becomes a thing of the past as the pregnancy progresses.

While the aforementioned are the most common symptoms, other symptoms you might experience in the 7th week of pregnancy include heartburn and indigestion, frequent urinations, fatigue, and mild backaches.

7 weeks pregnant no symptoms?  This is quite normal. In fact, you should be thanking your lucky stars rather than worrying yourself sick. Truth is, some women who are 7 weeks pregnant feel as if there pregnancy is problematic because they are experiencing no symptoms at all. Every woman experiences different symptoms during pregnancy. While some talk of severe morning sickness others can swear that morning sickness is news to them. The thing is, if you are not experiencing any symptoms, sit back, relax, and enjoy your pregnancy!

7 Weeks Pregnant Checklist

  • Check with your doctor which medicines are safe to take
  • Go for an ultrasound especially if you feel like your symptoms are severe or you have a history of troublesome pregnancies
  • Start taking prenatal vitamins if you haven’t already started
  • Read as many materials as possible on the symptoms you are likely to experience in the coming weeks

Things to Do

  1. Take your health very seriously. This is the time for a lifestyle change. If you were smoking, a stoner, loved your bottle, or indulged in a number of toxic drugs, this is the time to kick away the habit. Alcohol drinking and smoking affects the fetal development and could lead to preterm births or a baby born with defects.
  2. Have a sit down with your doctors and candidly have a discussion on what supplements are good to take at this point in time as well as the medications you should continue taking or avoid during your pregnancy.
  3. Exercise: The fact that you are pregnant does not mean that you shouldn’t exercise. Depending on your preference, you could go for swimming, walk for at least 30 minutes daily, or do yoga.
  4. Eat a balanced diet. Your baby’s nourishment is dependent on what you eat. As such, endeavor to eat foods rich in calcium (important for strengthening bones), proteins (important for the growth and regeneration of cells), and iron to reduce your chances of anaemia.


Your pregnant bump might not be visible at week 7 but that does not mean that you shouldn’t take your pregnancy seriously. At week 7, your baby is undergoing rapid growth and the development of important organs is full cycle. Have any fears? Talk to your doctor. Curious on what lies in store for you in the coming weeks? Read materials on pregnancy. Most importantly, avoid bad habits, maintain a healthy lifestyle and do everything within your power to keep your pregnancy safe. Week 8 is just around the corner!