Why do you Break Out with Pregnancy?

Whereas it is the wish of every pregnant woman to have a glowing pregnancy skin, this is not always the case. There are some women who face skin break out during pregnancy which revolve around redness, rashes, and acne and skin discolorations. The eruptions can be frustrating because for a pregnant woman, she feels even uglier of already she was feeling so with a protruding belly.

The reason as to why you are breaking out with pregnancy is highly as a result of pregnancy hormones which cause the skin pores to secrete excess oils thus leaving you vulnerable to the acne and other skin changes including discoloration of the soles, palms, and legs. Heat rash can also be a result of the same hormones. The prutitic urticarial papules and plagues of pregnancy is also an eruption situation which comes about as a result of the same pregnancy hormones.

The excessive production of oil leaves the pores clogged and hence they are not in a position to clear out thus creating the perfect breeding ground for bacteria hence the skin break out. The best and hopeful fact about the breaking skin during pregnancy is that just like the teenage pimple issues which soon disappear with age, it will also go away a few weeks after you have delivered your baby. It is not advisable to use any form of skin medication since most of the medications can leave you in even more troubles.

The skin break out varies from mild to moderate and severe. If what you have feels like a severe case of the breaking out and you are worried, talk to your doctor to find simple remedies without the use of any medication. Your doctor will always know what is best for the condition during pregnancy.