Small Business That You Can Start When in College

Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Tine Magazine to mention a few, have one thing in common: they were started in college. While these enterprises are global brands raking billions of dollars in profit, the start was no walk in the park. At some point, Larry Page and Sergey Brin got overwhelmed and tried to sell Google at startup for $1 million.

Starting a business in college is not an easy task. From crafting the right schedule to raising capital, juggling between lectures and business is a tall order. However, if you can strike the right balance, the chances of the business becoming successful are very high.

To commence a business when in college, the first step is coming up with the right idea. This post outlines six great business ideas that you should consider while still in college.

Offer Tutorial Classes

This is one of the top business ideas for students gifted on specific subjects. There are two ways you can run this business.

  • Offer Tutorials in Your College

In every school, there are students who do not understand certain subjects offered in class. This can be as a result of negligent trainers or complexity of the subjects. Irrespective of the reason, it plays to your advantage.

Tutoring your colleagues can provide easy money as you are offering something that is easy and fun. When starting the business, you need to publicize it by letting the target students understand the services. It is also prudent to be professional, have a reliable schedule, and keep time.

More students are likely to seek your services because they can easily identify and relate with a colleague. Remember to make the tutoring services personal and price them affordably for students.

  • Tutor Students Online

To make more from tutoring, you can offer the services using an online platform. This idea can help you make more money as you can tutor learners from all over the world as opposed to those in your college only. Indeed, you could even make more money by recruiting tutors for different subjects and charging them a commission.

To succeed in tutoring business online, it is prudent to market the services appropriately. You can do this through special offers and referrals. Besides, it is prudent to ensure you have a good payment mechanism and build trust from your clients.

Start Web Development/ Design Services

If you are a learner in programming, offering web design/ development services can be a great business idea. This idea does not just provide you the opportunity to practice, but it can also be a launchpad for a great business after you leave college.  Today, unlike any other time in the past, no business wants to operate without an online presence.

The good thing about web development is that programming work does not have to take the bulk of your study time. You can program websites during your free time after classes or on weekends. Here is what you need to start a web design/ development business in college.

  • Craft a business brand/ name to use for the services.
  • Register the businesses to ensure it is legit.
  • Identify the targeted audience.
  • Craft own website and use it to market your services.

NOTE: You need to package the services well knowing there are competitors who are more advanced and experienced.

Drop Shipping Business

To enhance their services, online shops such as Amazon and eBay prefer drop shipping deliveries. This means they do not stock most of the items listed on their websites. Instead, they ship directly from the manufacturer to the customer.

Dropshipping is a unique business because you do not need to buy anything. Rather, you simply have to pick the items from the manufacturer and drop to the customer’s doorstep. Here, you are a middleman.

To start a dropshipping business, you need to work with e-commerce firms or open an online store. When a client orders an item, you simply go to the manufacturer/ store that listed the item, pick, and deliver.

Online Marketing Business

This is another great business idea that you can implement when still in college. As businesses take their operations online, the way they do marketing also changes. This is where you come in.

To run a marketing business when in college, you need a good platform like a website or blog. Then, use it to reach businesses and offer marketing services. This can include the following:

  • AdWords management.
  • Social media management.
  • Content marketing.
  • SEO marketing.

You might also want to consider affiliate marketing. This is a method of marketing where you grow your platform followers and charge firms that want to place ads there.

Note that for a blog to earn you money, you have to build a strong profile and become a leader/ authority in a specific niche. You will also have to be consistent in posting content and engaging your followers.

Personal Training Business

In college, people like eating junk, more meals and sugary drinks that result in overweight issues. But the problem is not just in colleges. Overweight and associated issues such as obesity and heart problems are evident in all social-economic levels.

If you are a health and fitness student, offering personal training services can be a booming business. You can help both students and people outside the college to cut weight through fitness training, selecting the right foods, and leading healthy lives. Here are other things that your business can offer:

  • Online guides to weight management.
  • Healthy recipes.
  • Do fitness product reviews.
  • Run a health and fitness blog.

The Final Take

Starting a business in school might appear hard because of the additional tasks that must go alongside learning. However, you can do it by selecting the right business idea. It is important to have good organization skills and work extra hard to ensure the ideas work.

To be successful, make sure to further develop a clear plan to guide business operations without interfering with your studies. Do not wait to complete college to start a business: you can commence right away and be a success at it!