Can Exercise Reverse the Ageing Process?

Ageing is scary! Even though it is a natural process, thoughts of suffering from problems such as wrinkled skin and sexual dysfunction will jostle you into asking one question: “Is there a method that can reverse aging?” The answer is exercising.

Though the aging process is affected by a number of factors such as food and environment, recent studies have demonstrated that you can indeed reverse the process using exercises. In this post, I explore the concept of aging and demonstrate how you can get back that smooth outlook and virility of the 20s.

How Does Aging Happen?

Before looking at how exercises can help you reverse aging, it is important to take a closer look at how it happens. Aging is a physiological procedure in a human body that results to decline of biological functions (senescence). The body’s ability to adapt to varying metabolic stress also goes down.

The aging process commences after reaching adulthood and is expected to continue until death. Physiologists indicate that the function of organs such as lungs, brain, kidneys, and heart declines because of progressive loss of cells.

The knowledge of the aging process has also provided useful insights into how you can reverse the aging process. One of the recommended methods is exercises.

Reversing the Aging Process with Exercises

Recent studies have demonstrated that you do not need to spend a lot of money on anti-aging products such as creams, supplements, or expensive surgical processes. Channel the funds into a different use because all you need is the right exercises.

  • Exercises Help to Protect DNA Telomeres

Exercises have been demonstrated to help reduce the shortening of telomeres (the repetitive section/ nucleotide at the end of a chromosome). Shortening of the telomere is linked to aging at the cellular level and is commonly regarded as the “biological clock” that defines when different aging characteristics such as wrinkled skin start appearing.

The telomeres of people who regularly exercise are relatively long compared to those living sedentary lifestyles. When you exercise, the body releases an enzyme known as telomerase that helps to stabilize telomere. The ultimate effect is that the effects of aging will be easily reversed.

  • Resistance Exercises Can Help to Reduce Aging of Skeletal Muscles

As the process of aging sets in, the muscles tend to become weaker and smaller (sarcopenia). The bulk of this degeneration takes place in the mitochondria (the component of the cell that generates energy). However, lifting weights make gene expression of mitochondria to become younger.

For seniors who are engaged in weight training, it is possible to improve strength with about 50%. It is important to note that endurance training also protects the DNA and improves the metabolic function to help improve your immunity and strength.

Exercises that Help to Reduce Aging

Now that you appreciate how the aging process can be reversed, it is prudent to identify the right exercises. Here are some of the exercises to consider:

  • Aerobic exercises such as jogging and walking.
  • Strength-training such as tai-chi.
  • Swimming and walking.
  • Cycling.
  • Planks and squats.
  • Swimming.

Useful Tips to Help You Reverse Aging Process with Exercises

Even though the efficiency of exercises in reversing aging has been demonstrated scientifically, it is important to look at it broadly. Indeed, applying exercises alone might yield much. As the exercises help the body to naturally restore your youthfulness, it is important to support the process using the following tips:

  • Make sure to eat balanced meals that supply the body with essential nutrients and minerals.
  • Take a lot of water to help the body clear waste and keep the immune system strong.
  • Avoid harmful habits such as smoking and drinking that can weaken the immune system.
  • Try to avoid anxiety and stress.

The Final Take

If you are experiencing signs of aging, do not let degenerative processes that cause issues such as wrinkled face and dementia become the order of the day. Exercises have been scientifically proven to help reverse the biological clock and restore the lovely youthful appeal.

Note that the exercises should not be a one-time thing. Rather, you need to make them part of your lifestyle. It is also crucial to take the right balanced diet and avoid bad behavior, such as drinking and smoking.