Can My Parents Claim Me on Their Taxes?

It is time for you to file your income taxes and you need to know, ‘Can my parents claim me on their taxes?’ before you file a return for yourself. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has written rules for tax filers to follow when claiming exemptions on their tax return for a dependent. Some of the requirements for claiming you are that you must fall within a specific age category, you must meet residence status, and you must meet the earnings limitations. If you are filing a tax return you must know whether or not anyone else has claimed you as a dependent on their income tax return.

Let’s look at the age category to determine if your parents can claim you on their taxes. If you are younger than 19 years of age, your parents can claim you when they file. You can be claimed until age 24 if you are a full time student. If you are permanently disabled there is no age restriction. When you can show that you provide all the support for yourself, your parents are no longer eligible for the deduction.

You must reside in your parent’s home for more than half of the year. This is the residence status. If you are a student in college and you live in the dorms during the school year you can still be claimed on your mom and dad’s income tax papers. If you are residing in Canada or Mexico you can be counted, but you must be a United States citizen to meet the residence requirement. If you meet these as well as the requirements in the paragraph above, your parents can claim you on their taxes.

There are restrictions on the amount of money you can earn if you are being claimed as a dependent. You do not have to live half the year with your mom and dad if they are paying more than half of your support. Your support would include money for a place to live, food to eat and any medical bills. You will have to meet the test for dependency. A spouse, a biological child, a step-child, and certain other relatives will qualify as dependents. You can read the instructions that come with the IRS Form 1040 to check whether you can be considered a dependent by the IRS. If you have a child or you are claiming someone on your income tax return as a dependent then your mom and day will be disqualified from claiming you. Can my parents claim me on their taxes if I’m adopted? Yes, if you meet all the other requirements.