Why do I Crave Oranges While Pregnant?

Food cravings are some of the things that you should expect during pregnancy. The cravings are from woman to woman but they can also be very similar. Craving for oranges is something many women experience and if you are wondering why you have such cravings during pregnancy, then here are the probable reasons why you are going through this kind of craving during pregnancy.

Visual stimulation; it is simple triggering brought about by seeing the juice of fruit on any given area. It could be an advertisement on TV which makes the fruit look so delicious and you realize just how long it has been since you had an orange and hence you will be compelled into eating some has a way of using brain power.

Hormonal changes; it is given that your body is going through all sorts of hormonal changes and imbalances and this could largely be the reason as to why you are craving oranges. You will find that with this kind of craving, you will be craving for the oranges mostly during the first trimester then find that you are getting over the craving as the hormonal levels become more balanced.

Mineral and vitamin deficiencies; orange craving during pregnancy could be an indication that you are lacking enough carbon and magnesium in the body and hence as a way of dealing with the deficiency, the body compels you into easting the oranges to cater for the lack. Oranges are good for pregnancy and there should therefore be nothing to worry about but to feed the cravings.

Fuel requirements; this is another reason as to why you could be having orange cravings during pregnancy. Oranges have a way of offering a fast energy bust as the body manages to break the minerals and vitamins faster thus catering for the energy levels needed to keep you going.