Is It Safe to Eat Eggs During Pregnancy

Are eggs safe during pregnancy? This is a very common question that many pregnant women ask. I have heard myths about eating eggs when pregnant too which lead me to doing a little research to find out who is telling the truth about eating eggs during pregnancy. We know very well that as a pregnant woman, you do not just eat anything because there is another life in you that depends on whatever you out into your mouth.

A pregnant woman must always eat healthy for a healthy and fine baby. From my research, I found out that eggs are safe for pregnant women and are actually good for the developing baby. The only thing I found out it that a pregnant woman should be careful how they prepare the eggs. An egg that is under cooked is not good for both the mom and the baby. The egg should instead be given enough time to cook well because undercooked eggs can contain salmonella bacteria. The salmonella is especially not good for the mom because it can cause unexpected uterine bacteria and even preterm labour which can cause stress to the baby. Doctors advice that to reduce chances of being infected by this bacteria, avoid washing your egg before it is time to cook yet as this will dampen the egg making it easier for the bacteria to get inside. Store the eggs as they are instead and clean only when it is time for cooking.

Just so you know salmonella is something that should not be ignored as the effects can be unpleasant. Some of the effects include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and increase in body temperature. The reason you are greatly affected is that your body is very delicate when pregnant and the immune system is not as strong to protect you when pregnant. Your baby is not affected by this but you need to be strong for the baby to grow fine.

On the other hand, eggs have been found to help in reducing high blood pressure and mental problems for the child even in adulthood. Stress related illnesses like ulcers are also reduced when a woman eats eggs during her pregnancy and all these benefits are found in a nutrient found in eggs called choline. Both pregnant and nursing moms are advised to take at least 2 or more eggs per day. When we talk about eggs here we are not just talking of any other eggs but those from pastured chickens. When you eat eggs, the egg yolk is very essential for the growing brain of the infant.