Why Is It So Hard To Get Pregnant With PCOS?

While getting pregnant for some women does not require any effort but being intimate, for others it is a challenge that might even require the intervention of medications and procedures. These difficulties could be brought about by several conditions and issues revolving around fertility and the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome also commonly abbreviated PCOS are one of the issues that can lead to a hard time for many women when it comes to getting pregnant.

This syndrome results in to over production of male hormones within the body easily hindering ovulation from taking place. The causes of the excess over production of the hormones leading to an imbalance is not known but a considerable number of women suffer from the syndrome and it can be quite depressing for them especially when they feel it is their time to have a baby. The syndrome will be characterized by long menstrual cycles and missing menstrual periods since no ovulation is taking place.

The ovulation process is what leads to the releasing of an egg by the ovaries and this is the same egg that travels to meet with a healthy sperm for fertilization. In the absence of an egg, even with a healthy sperm, no pregnancy can take place. With the lengthy menstrual cycles it is generally hard to get pregnant with PCOS to the disappointment of many women. However, the fact that it is difficult to get pregnant does not rule out the possibilities of eventually getting pregnant and with a little help, the women suffering from PCOS still have the chance of getting pregnant and delivering at the end of it all. They can therefore find some hope in knowing that all their chances are not lost even when dealing with the syndrome that is yet to have an effective cure.