Why Do I Get Hiccups While Pregnant

Have you ever wondered why do I get hiccups while pregnant? Hiccups are annoying and can last some few minutes. Some can be painful, depending on the force they come with. Generally, hiccups come about in pregnancy because of the increased inhalation of air by your lungs thanks to the increased capacity of your lungs in pregnancy. They can come spontaneously and most of the time will go away spontaneously. You will only need treatment of hiccups when they haven’t disappeared for a along time. The increased inhaling and exhaling in pregnancy are due to the compression of the abdomen thanks to the pregnancy. They can be a true pain especially when they interfere with your daily activities, especially talking and sleeping as well as eating. The action of hiccups and the sound it produces when you get one is when the vocal cords contract and the epiglottis closes.

When this happens there is a rush of air into your lungs and with the closed epiglottis, this air cannot escape hence the reason you will notice the ‘hic’ sound when you are pregnant. One of the ways you can manage hiccups or reduce them is by sipping water slowly. Perform some breathing exercises and make sure you have done them as slowly as possible. You can also place some pressure on your nose whenever you are swallowing to manage the amount of air that is going into your body. Taste some vinegar, or place some sugar beneath your tongue and let it get into your body as slowly as possible. Avoid using straws when you drink because this has the effect of making you take in a lot more air than you want. Some exercises like pulling your knees up to your chest may reduce your hiccups. If severe, you need to get medical attention.