Top 5 Holiday Places to Visit in Germany

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. We all need to unwind, right? You’ve been working around the clock, and you feel like it’s about time you took a well-deserved holiday alone or with your family.

You are spoilt for choice with many exotic holiday destinations to choose from. You are in a dilemma as to whether to go to Maldives or explore Germany. After much deliberation, you settle on Germany.

However, there is a little problem. You’ve never been to Germany and have no idea on where exactly to holiday or the best regions to visit. Worry not. This is where I come in. This particular post is about enlightening you on the top 5 regions to holiday in Germany, a list of popular attractions, holiday rentals to stay in during your holiday just to mention but a few.

1)  Rugen

Rugen is Germany’s biggest Island with 926 square kilometers. Its Baltic beaches luxury seaside, hotels, and virgin surroundings make it the best place for visitors seeking luxurious holidays. This was the main reason Germany Chancellor, Bismarck and Thomas Mann, always visited Rugen and enjoyed their stay in the revered Sellin, and Binz resorts.

Rugen boasts of a long coastline of 60 kilometers that gives visitors a unique taste of Germany not evident anywhere else. Once you book your preferred apartment for rent, the thrill of Germany in this countryside destination will be limitless. The people are hospitable, and the rich culture sweeps every visitor off his feet.

Many visitors coming to Rugen point out the need to experience the virgin lands. Most apartments for rent provide their clients with guides on the best places to catch scenic sites and explore more. You could point at the need for exploration when booking villas for rent to narrow down to those close to top attractions such as national parks.

Enjoy Great Beach Holidays at the Baltic Sea

The beachside holidays at Baltic Sea are ideal for water sports such as kayaking, scuba diving, sports fishing, and sailing. Whether on a budget holiday or luxurious beach holiday, the coastline can be explored either on foot, bike, or boat. The luxury seaside, hotels, extensive beaches, and weather most of the year allow visitors to get more than they asked for. It is the best way to learn the Rugen culture.

Major Attractions in Rugen for Travelers of Style

Many people visiting Rugen want to sample its undisturbed natural facilities such as national parks. The local authorities have made the attractions in Rugen easily accessible and more enthralling for visitors to enjoy at all times.

You can opt to visit the Island Nature Park on the coast, the Jasmund National Park, or the Peene Valley River to discover the flora and fauna diversity. Your visit will, however, not be complete without getting into the waters for various water sports or biking on the trails.

You can rent a boat/bike or join a local golf club to enjoy playing golf on the world class courses. Rugen also hosts the Störtebeker theater festival that attracts a lot of people.

2)  Fischland -Darss- Zingst

The Fischland-Darss-Zingst peninsula is among the top regions in the Baltics that every traveler visits and purposes to revisit. It is about 45 kilometers long in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The region’s rich history including the joining of the Zingst and Darss is amazing, and no visitor wants to miss the reality from the groups.

The extensive fine sandy beaches, especially on the west, open for different activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. Many people describe Fischland-Darss-Zingst as a natural region of undisturbed natural beauty. No matter your style preference for the holiday, all you need to do is identifying the right villas for rent.

While many places are inaccessible during winter because of snow, Fischland-Darss-Zingst remains a great place to visit all year round. Because of its undisturbed vegetation and warm shoreline, the beaches remain accessible and enjoyable for visitors. You can also pick the best apartment for rent with great facilities to enjoy your holiday in any season.

Holiday Rentals in Fischland -Darss- Zingst

The holiday rentals in Fischland -Darss- Zingst are carefully designed to guarantee visitors of the best experience. The holiday homes for travelers are located close to the beaches for easier access and participation in different activities. Whether you prefer diving and snorkeling, or sports fishing and kayaking, this is the best place to visit.

To enjoy more during the holiday, simply check the holiday homes of choice depending on your budget and book on time. Most websites on the local villas for rent also provide info about the neighborhood so that you can pick all the preferred activities. You could opt to go sailing in the waters or cycling on the lovely trails in the countryside.

Great Attractions That Make Fischland-Darss-Zingst Unique

Using a flight Agency Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, you can organize to visit Fischland-Darss-Zingst from any part of Europe. Most of the apartments for rent are well connected by road and can be accessed either by public transport, personal cars, or bikes. The main attractions include historical museums, churches, lighthouses, and festivals that make Fischland-Darss-Zingst unique in the entire Germany and Europe.

3)  Schlei

For visitors looking forward to running away from the wild and enjoy every moment of their visit, Schlei is perhaps the most fulfilling. It is a scenic region in Northern Germany with rich open meadows, pretty watering trails, and idyllic lakes.

If you love a quiet, lovely, and undisturbed time with nature, this is the place to be. Whether you are an exploratory team from college, traveling with a lover or entire family, a holiday in Schlei will be a special bonding moment with memories to last for years.

The beauty of the landscape blends perfectly with holiday houses in Schlei that have lovely facilities to make every moment unforgettable. From the towns to the countryside, every visitor is sure of having a unique point to enjoy and get extra satisfaction from the holiday.

Art enthusiasts can pop into the rich Haithabu Viking Museum before retreating to the long North Sea-Baltic trails. Here, you can learn about the rich Germany culture dating back to hundreds of years. If you blend this with other top facilities on the apartments for rent, the holiday activities will be unforgettable.

Holiday Houses in Schlei

Schlei touristic facilities have developed over the last five decades to reach world class standards. If you are looking forward to luxurious private accommodations or villas for rent, Schlei will not disappoint. The facilities are designed to cater to all tourists; whether traveling with a lover, alone, with family, or as a team.

There is something unique about holiday houses in Schlei. The design, interior décor, and facilities capture the unique German culture. They bring to the fore the sophistication of modern development while retaining the lovely German culture.

Major Attractions in Schlei

If you fancy cycling, follow the Baltic coast cycle route as you explore the attractions of Schlei Estuarine Nature Park. The country apartments for rent further open the opportunity to participate in horse racing. Though most of the Schlei’s horse races require prior booking, you can also hire a horse to explore the country in style.

A taste of the local culture will not be complete without the Schlei regatta. Even for people who do not fancy water sports, sailing, kayaking, and sports fishing will be truly breathtaking. Remember to select the best villas for rent if traveling with a family or team by checking their facilities.

4)  Usedom

Usedom lies on the German side at the border with Poland. It has become famous because of its enthralling attractions that are irresistible. Its big estuary on River Oder is considered the sunniest area in Germany. The holiday homes and apartments for rent in Usedom are located close to the estuarine for easy access and thrill to all clients.

When you arrive at Usedom, it feels like entry into a highly rated hotel on a sea shore. The sunny island extending 42 kilometers of white sand beaches and 400 kilometers of hiking trails await you.

Starting from the 19th Century, Usedom authorities and guest facilities have taken redefined their focus on making visitors extra comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you are traveling on budget or on a luxury holiday, Usedom will deliver the expectations in overflowing measures.

Most of the managements of the houses for rent in Schlei provide visitors with schedules for local festivals so that they can blend lovely stay in the hotels, nature, and cultural activities. Get in touch with the preferred villa for rent management to understand more about Schlei, activities, and much more on how to make the visit enthralling.

Holiday Houses in Usedom

The abundance of sunshine has opened doors for great cheap holiday houses for both local and international tourists. You can opt to go camping, venture into the water, or select a vacation rental in the countryside.

For many people traveling to Usedom in Germany, the main target is the sea and extensive coastline. However, the hinterland also has great houses for rent that caters for hiking enthusiasts. If you pick the apartment for rent carefully, it will be possible to sample the rich neighborhood from the balcony, go for a walk in nature every evening, and connect more with the local population.

Key Attractions and Activities in Usedom

For most people coming to Usedom, the water activities are breathtaking. The Archterwasser Bay and lovely breezes give way for sports fishing, kayaking, and diving. You can relax on the shore enjoying the lovely breeze and scenic waters on a sunny holiday.

The estuary also has lovely trails to follow on horseback for exploring on bicycles. Remember that a great holiday starts with the selection of the best apartments for rent when traveling to Usedom.

5)  Fehmarn

Fehmarn is the ultimate tourist region. Many visitors only believe they are in the Baltics after seeing the Fehmarn Sound Bridge that forms one of the fantastic facilities that will defy your imagination. Fehmarn provides what any person can anticipate from the Baltics; real island flair, lots of life, and endless beaches.

When a visitor checks in their holiday apartments for rent, their days will always be full of fun and memorable. The surrounding natural environment ranging from lovely trails to cool waters give way to diverse packages.

You simply pick what matches your personal/ family taste. Remember that some of these do not even have to be planned; simply walk to the beach and opportunities for sports fishing and other top activities remain open.

Fehmarn has become sensational because of the many celebrities who frequent the region. If you fancy playing golf, simply select villas for rent adjacent to a major course to play with great personalities only seen on the television. You can never go wrong with Fehmarn.

Holiday Apartment/Beach Holiday in Fehmarn

If you want to have a lovely holiday in Germany, one of the best places to consider is Fehmarn. It stands tall among the peers because of diverse attractions and affordable accommodation. Whether you prefer a countryside apartment or beach villas for rent in Fehmarn, this is the only place to enjoy most facilities on a budget. You can even cut on flight and booking costs by selecting your preferred apartment for rent early enough before the holiday time.

The lovely attractions in Fehmarn allow visitors to enjoy the lovely beaches and nature trails. Many villas for rent also help visitors to organize for hiking excursions and water sports. Besides, they have lovely facilities for an all-inclusive holiday so that your family trip or romantic holiday can be more fulfilling.

Cheap Holidays in Fehmarn

Most facilities in Fehmarn are designed to provide visitors with unique thrill irrespective of their budgets. Whether on the beach or countryside, there is something for everyone. A boat ride to the Island of Lolland from your apartment in Burg in Fehmarn offers scenic sites that are only available in Germany. If you fancy horse riding or cycling, the cheap holidays in Fehmarn will also be very fulfilling.