How Early Can You Detect Pregnancy Symptoms?

If you’ve never been pregnant, chances are that you are wondering how early you can detect pregnancy symptoms. Many women tend to believe that a missed period is the clearest sign of pregnancy. No doubt, it is. However, a missed period is not the only sign of pregnancy. To answer the question of how early one can detect pregnancy symptoms, we need to have an understanding of when the pregnancy starts.

Pregnancy starts soon after conception, which is after a healthy sperm has fertilized a mature female egg. What happens next is that the egg attaches itself to the uterus wall and with that, the development of an embryo starts. The body releases the pregnancy hormone – human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), to assist in the development of the embryo at this period.

During this period, some women undergo hormonal imbalances that cause emotions and physical discomfort. This is because for the embryo to develop appropriately, your mind subconsciously starts to concentrate most of its focus on the new being. Moreover, the embryo starts to draw the minerals it needs from you.

This could bring about fatigue, irritability, and even unexplained anger. Fatigue normally occurs because important minerals you would use in physical duties are now directed towards the development of the embryo. It is important to note that resting or sleeping is unlikely to resolve the fatigue as it would do if you were only tired.

Anger and irritability could be the result of emotional imbalance that upsets vital parts of your brain as the embryo takes some of the nutrients that enable you to have mental equilibrium and utilize it to form its vital organs. The diets you eat can play an important part in determining how severe pregnancy symptoms will be. A healthy balanced diet would significantly minimize many severe pregnancy symptoms.

Among the most common signs of pregnancy is missing period. However, this can be confusing to some women. Usually, as the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterus, there are some spotting and even mild cramps as a result of the body dispelling any unwanted elements. Nevertheless, this spotting is lighter and occurs for only a short time. Therefore, a woman should not confuse it with period.

There is no particular time when you should expect to start experiencing early pregnancy symptoms. However, the best thing to do when you notice anything unusual is to take a pregnancy test. There are two types of pregnancy tests available. There is blood sample and urine sample pregnancy tests. Taking these tests too early might not give you accurate results. The best time to take them is around your period due date.

Urine pregnancy test is ideal for you if you want to do it at home. The kits for this test are normally easily available and cheap. A blood pregnancy test is the best in case you need to know the exact concentration of HCG in your blood. Some of the best kits on the market can measure as little as 25-50 mIUs of HCG which would enable you to know your pregnancy status early enough.

Although early morning urine contains the maximum levels of HCG, it is not necessary to use the early morning urine in some tests. The most effective way to measure the amount of HCG is to collect urine in a container then wait for several hours before taking the test. This will enable HCG to be more concentrated in the urine.