How Much Does a Pregnancy Test Cost

How much will you spend to get tested for pregnancy? How much does a pregnancy test cost? You can get tested for pregnancy by your regular gynecologist at his fees, which will largely depend on him. Private hospitals and private doctors will perform blood tests at a higher price than public institutions. When you want to have the test done at home, you will have to buy a pregnancy test kit. It is very cheap and in most cases will not cost you more than $10. They range in price depending on their quality, with the highest quality pregnancy tests costing higher than lower quality ones. To increase the chances of getting yourself high quality pregnancy tests, you need to buy from stores that are busy; stores that will most likely have the freshest of stock anytime you want to buy something. You can be assured that the tests from these pregnancy tests will be more reliable. Check out any expiry date on the pregnancy tests before buying and make sure you have reviewed the brands before deciding on which one to buy. You should wait for about a week after having unprotected sex during the time when you are fertile before testing for pregnancy.