How to Avoid Pregnancy without Contraceptives

To use or not to use? For women seeking to avoid pregnancy, the use of contraceptives is pretty much the rule rather than the exception. For those trying for a baby, contraceptives are an enemy. That said, most women resort to contraceptives not because they like them but because it’s a necessity if they are to avoid unnecessary pregnancies.

This has led to some women wondering whether it’s possible to avoid pregnancy without the use of contraceptives. Well, there are various ways in which pregnancy can be avoided without the use of pills or other methods of birth control. Curious to know the methods? Read on!

The Calendar Method

With this method, a woman has to determine the safe days during her cycle. It is believed that, a woman can only get pregnant from day 7-18 during her cycle. This is because it is the only time she is ovulating and fertilization is more likely to take place at this period of time. The sperm survives 5 days in the uterus and if fertilization will not take place, it subsequently dies. This method is at times risky because ovulation might shift because of stress, emotions, and climatic conditions.

Fertilization may occur either at an earlier or a later date. It also works best for women with regular cycles because it is very easy to know when they are fertile. In addition, it is the most preferred birth control method by many women. This method might not be of great help if the woman is not following the calendar well. This is because the cycle will be unpredictable and therefore, pregnancy might occur at any time.

The Withdrawal Method

With the withdrawal method, a man has to withdraw from a woman’s vagina right before ejaculating. For this method to be successful, great control from the man is of essence. This method is also risky because most men find it difficult to withdraw when they are about to climax. No withdrawal could mean pregnancy. As such, the man and woman need to have an understanding before getting down to business of sexual intercourse.

The Syringing Method

This is where a woman cleans the birth canal with diverse solutions in order to kill sperms. The cleaning is done after having coitus and most women claim that this method is very effective to avoid pregnancy. However, the chemical components found in the cleaning products can cause health problems including dysbacteriosis.

Use of Suppositories, Gels, Creams, and Tampon-Spermicidal Devices

This is another method of avoiding pregnancy without contraceptives. In this method, the gels are positioned into the birth canal some minutes before intimacy. The tampon-spermicidal devices are effective for up to 12 hours while the rest take about 40 minutes. This method is of great help because it not only prevents pregnancy, but also prevents microbes and viruses. This is therefore the most reliable method for those who would like to avoid STDS.


Use of condoms is another effective method for those who do not wish to use contraceptives. There are female and male condoms and they are very effective as they provide 99% protection from STDs. Well, there are instances where the condom breaks exposing one to STDs and possibility of getting pregnant. It is therefore important to choose the right brand to use before intercourse.