How To Get Pregnant On Second Life?

Second life is an online virtual world. The users are known as residents and can explore the world and interact with other users in either group or individual activities. It is modeled in three dimensions and allows the users to build virtual objects. With the use of a scripting language the users can add interactivity to the objects. You can import external software to add gestures, animations or clothing to the objects.

Second life in pregnancy is a game created to make pregnancy more fun. The question here is; how can you get pregnant on second life? You can never get pregnant for real. It is only role playing. There is special HUD created for this purpose. Each HUD is different. Some of them do not require you to have a partner to get pregnant while other requires a male HUD to interact with you for you to get pregnant. The HUD determines how long you stay pregnant. It also determines what happens in the process.

To be able to appear pregnant, you will have to change your shape over a period of time. In the first trimester you tummy is still very flat but your breasts have enlarged slightly. You have to be able to create this shape. If not, there is HUD that you can buy that comes with different body shapes. During your second trimester that is when your tummy becomes slightly bigger. The HUD has to accommodate this change.

When it comes to your last trimester your bell has triple in size therefore the HUD has to be able to show that. The second life can provide you with animations if you choose to go to a doctor from time to time and even to a hospital for delivery. Do not forget that all this is make belief and cannot be compared to the real experience of getting pregnant.

When it comes to delivery you will need specific animations and this could cost you some money. You can purchase the animations to accommodate you and your needs. It is a fun game to play and you can purchase HUD that can accommodate baby talk, can tell you what is it craving for and give you swollen feet. You can buy animations like cribs, diapers, baby bottles, crib to make your baby world more real.

As long as you have money to spend you can create a pregnancy world of your choice. You can include a partner and other siblings. It is a world where you get to interact with other mothers and talk about your experiences. As much as it is not real there is no harm in trying the game as long as you understand that you cannot get pregnant for real in second life. If you want to get pregnant you have to be in the real world with a real partner and experience the physical as well as the emotional changes that come with pregnancy. Being pregnant is still considered the highlight of a womans life.