Why Am I So Hungry While Pregnant

Have you been feeling extra hungry in your pregnancy lately? Why i’m I so hungry while pregnant? It is good news; your pregnancy is growing. The bad news is that you may not be getting enough calories for your pregnancy. You must have noticed by now that you are eating more than you have been before you conceived. If you have stopped eating the extra 300 calories of food to fuel your pregnancy and the growth of your baby, you will be feeling hungry. Women who are extra active in their pregnancies will find that they get hungry more times than women who are not active. This is not to mean that you should stop exercising, but check your intake of calories- you may have to increase the number of calories you eat to make up for what you need for your pregnancy.

There is another dimension to hunger when pregnant and this is how you have been eating. You cannot eat three large meals per day by now. The number of servings have to increase to make up for what you are not able to consume in one sitting. Your stomach has a smaller capacity in your pregnancy and it will continue being smaller as you progress in your pregnancy. What this means is that you cannot eat so much foods at one sitting. Reduce your portions and increase your servings so that you are not always hungry. Also, eat foods that are high quality to ensure that you fill up and don’t get hungry fast. In other words, forget about the fast foods you eat because they are full of empty calories that will leave you hungry the moment you finish eating. Do not drink anything when eating, because this will only make you feel fuller faster and will increase your chances of getting heartburn. Leave the drinks for in between the meals.