Ikea Vate Table Lamp, Light Mood Asian Rice Paper

This little lamp has been described as being stunning. Many are impressed with the little extra lighting that it gives and the fact that installing it is a very easy task. The lamp does not disappoint. It is easy for one to find light bulbs that fit perfectly and it is the kind of lamp that looks great everywhere. It does not disappoint. It makes the room to feel relaxing and it offers good mood lighting. There are those who use them on their night stands next to their bed and they describe it as being perfect. They say that it is light in weight and it offers a beautiful accent light.  Its features are as follows.

Features of Ikea Vate Table Lamp, Light Mood Asian Rice Paper

  • Product dimensions 9.4 x 9.3 x 1.9 Inches
  • Brand – Ikea.
  • Light bulb sold separately.
  • Recommends low energy bulb E12-7W
  • Product description shade: Rice paper shade holder; steel, galvanized.
  • Diffused light.

For those who  got a few of these to put around the office they work in say that they were impressed with it  and that everyone seemed to really like them. According to them, although they are not super bright, they leave the room looking cool and add to its feel. They note that transporting the lamp is easy as it can be tucked away in a box and it does not take up a ton of space. Given a chance, they say that they would buy it once again. They find its price to be reasonable and it does not look out of place. They rate the bulb highly and they were impressed by its packaging when it was first delivered to them.

They say that it looks great everywhere. It does not light the whole room but it is perfect for mood lighting. It is a simple but a nice lamp and they say that it arrived on time. They are happy that they acquired it. Many are glad that they purchased it and there are those who find it to be great with any bedroom décor. It is truly adorable. They have no regrets at all for going for it. It is just what they were looking for. They say that it is a perfect item and one that everyone should go for. They highly recommend it.