I’m Ovulating, Why Am I Not Pregnant?

The thought of getting pregnant is always exciting for women and they will be longing for the time they eventually find out that they are expecting a baby. It can therefore be frustrating when after ensuring that everything is right and the timing is even better, you find that you are not pregnant. During ovulation, the environment is greater to conceive since even the mucus needed to ensure that the sperms find an easy time reaching the egg are present. It is therefore hard for women to fail getting pregnant during this period.

However, if you have been trying to get pregnant only to fail and yet it was during ovulation, then there are a number of things why this could be happening. The first is that you are actually not ovulating even though you think you are. Even with the signs of ovulation, you could have missed the calculation especially if what you have is an irregular menstrual cycle. You can have a doctor analyze the cycle for you to ensure that you have the right prediction of ovulation.

The other issues to as why you are not pregnant even when ovulating is that the sperm might have died long before reaching to the egg. Remember that even though many sperms are released, only one manages to reach and fertilize the egg and sometimes even this one could die before the fertilization takes place. There is also the possibility that the man is shooting unhealthy sperms which do not have the potential of fertilizing the egg hence even with the ovulation timing you are not pregnant.

There are medications which are believed to have a negative effect on conception and hence if you have been under medication prior to trying to get pregnant, you might find that you actually do not get pregnant.