Is Mortgage Insurance Tax Deductible?

In this season of economic hardships, families are devising new ways of making their income last. One of such ways is to get savings from the expenditures; savings that can be channeled to other uses. When filing tax returns, there are several deductibles that can be benefited from; one such is mortgage insurance tax deductibles.

Generally mortgage insurance premiums were not tax deductible; however it was recently made deductible to help boost the economy. Mortgage insurance tax deductibles can even be up to 100% for individuals who has mortgage on his first home or place of residences with income of $100k or less and for couples filing separately with annual income (adjusted gross income) of $50k or less.

Mortgages which are loans specifically taken out for the sole purpose of building, buying or substantially developing a home normally attracts monthly repayments. However in addition to these repayments, borrowers (mortgagors ) with over 80% of the value on their homes as borrowed funds are required to take out insurance (mortgage insurance) to cover the borrowed principal. This provision which is primarily meant to protect the lender should the mortgagor default also benefits the borrowers in several ways. First, it affords individuals who are not able to save up to 20% value of their homes the opportunity borrow money at attractive rates to buy one; this is because , since lenders know that their funds are covered, the lend at very reduced and competitive rates. Secondly, it gives added benefits to borrowers since monthly repayments are monthly rental payments on rented apartments may be same; and finally, it gives infinite and intrinsic joy and happiness to be able to say that “I live or own my own house.

Mortgage insurance tax deductibles may add up to $400 or even more annually, depending on the amount of the mortgage, this is certainly significant as it helps in reducing the cost of the borrowed funds. This simply means that instead of living in a rented building and paying rents, it is quite cheaper to put down just 3% value of an apartment, live in it and pay back the mortgage monthly and at favorable terms too.

Mortgage insurance are required by lenders for mortgages were the borrower has less than 20% equity value on the property; however, mortgage insurance tax deductibles is designed to help the low income earners to live and enjoy the American dream. For those who are yet to take advantage of this opportunity, it will run through 2011, so when filing tax returns do not forget to apply for it.