50 Mobile Business Ideas to Keep You Growing and Optimize Profits

What is the best business idea that can guarantee you growth and high profits? This is the one question that keeps running through the minds of many aspiring entrepreneurs for years before making a decision. One argument that holds investors back is the belief that your enterprise requires a fixed location to become successful. This is not always true!

Today, there are many businesses that you can start and ultimately grow into a giant firm without necessarily requiring a fixed location. This post outlines 50 different mobile business ideas that are highly profitable and fun.


1. Run a Mobile Retail Store

While many people are used to fixed stores for their merchandise, some do not prefer them. Think of a business that requires supplies delivered from point A to B without incurring additional storage costs. You would come in handy for helping the business cut the cost of additional storage. You can run a mobile trailer or a camper and get inventories to people’s doorsteps.

2. Start a Food Truck Business

Have you ever traveled to an event and seen people selling food from trucks? Now, you can also run such a mobile business. You only need to have a truck carefully designed to carry food items that people like during events. Then, identify fairs, events, weddings, and highly populated areas to sell the food.

3. Become a Mobile Mechanic

If you are a vehicle mechanic, it will surprise you to realize how many people have auto-related issues and would like assistance. You can help such people fix different vehicle problems from failed starts to flat tires for a fee. Make sure to market yourself well especially through referrals.

4. Operate as a Mobile Masseur

Today, many people have to visit massage parlors when they need to get massaged. But some would pay a fortune to get the same services within the four walls of their homes. This mobile business idea would work very well especially with high-end clients. Note that when you start operations, this can be a high-returns venture as most clients schedule one or several massage sessions every week.

5. Start a Mobile Manicurist Business

As people become busier in their offices and personal engagements, little or no time is left for checking into salons to get nails done. This is why mobile manicurists have started mushrooming in every place. As a mobile manicurist, you will only need the right tools to offer manicure services to clients in the comfort of their home or offices.

6. Mobile Hair Dresser

The same way you brush teeth every day, getting your hair done is an important activity to help you look well-groomed. By offering hairdressing services at the comfort of clients’ homes or salons, you can rake in good profits. The good thing about it is that you only need to be good at it and does not need a lot of capital.

7. Operate a Mobile Catering Unit

Instead of opening a restaurant downtown, why not consider a mobile catering unit. This unit can provide food during events such as weddings, birthdays, seminars, and sports competitions.

8. Offer Mobile Phone Repair

If you have a smartphone or tablet, there is nothing as distressful as having it breakdown after falling, getting wet, or developing other problems. As a mobile phone repair professional, you can assist such clients to get their phones back in shape within minutes for a fee. Note that this business will require mobile service skills.

9. Operate As a Mobile Tutor

Were you good in high school mathematics? Were you the kind of student who hacked those math exams with ease while others saw it as a herculean undertaking? If yes, that could become a high rewarding job through tutoring. As a tutor, you can offer training services online or through direct visits to students’ homes. You do not need an office to do this. Remember that the services are charged on an hourly basis.

10. Start an Event Planning Business

If you have skills in event planning, you can run a business helping people to organize their events. Most people will find your services handy because your experience would assist in making their events successful.

11. Personal Trainer

Today, more than any other time in the past, people are very conscious about their health. As a personal trainer, you can visit people’s homes to assist them with fitness training. This would come in handy especially to those who want to do fitness training in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

12. Operate as a Mobile Musician

If you are a talented singer, you can start your own business by singing in events such as parties and birthdays. Note that this does not necessarily have to be your own songs. You only need to know the songs and sing them to keep the audience entertained.

13. Operate as a Travel Photographer

For people interested in photography business, one of the best methods of getting off is traveling and taking impressive photos. Then, exhibit and sell them to interested persons. Wildlife and tech-related photos are some of the most sought after photos.


14. Offer Mobile Computer Setup Service

If you are a tech-savvy person, offering mobile computer setup services and maintenance can be very lucrative. When people buy computers and want to network them in the offices or homes, the process can be complicated. But you can offer the services at a fee. Note that such people will also require your services in the coming months for maintenance or related assistance.

15. Operate as a Freelance Mobile Journalist

Today, most media centers are finding it hard to maintain journalists with high monthly salaries. Therefore, if you can be on the move to hunt for news and link with media companies, they will always seek your services to be the first to air breaking news. In this business, you could even network with other mobile journalists to cover more news in a bigger area.

16. Party Entertainer

Can you work as a party entertainer? Think of magic shows and juggling balls sort of activities that can keep the audience, especially children, enthralled in events. Many event organizers would do anything to have you on their events. As you make a name for the impressive shows, it will guarantee a steady income from one show to another.

17. Run a Mobile Coffee Business

When companies are holding events such as seminars and fairs, they want their clients to enjoy free coffee. Therefore, you can open a mobile coffee business and offer lattes and cappuccinos to visitors for a fee. You can do this from a mobile kiosk or a truck.

18. Mobile Translation Business

If you are multilingual, you can offer translation services to clients both on and offline. Working online would require you to listen to audios and translate to different languages in scripts. But you can also work with tourists visiting different areas to help translate information to a language they can understand. You can also offer translation in seminars and events to ensure everyone understands what the speakers have to say.

19. Operate as a Business Consultant

To grow business, many investors and managers need the input of experts. As such, if you are a professional in high demand areas such as strategic management and health & occupational safety, you can offer consultancy services by working with clients remotely or on their businesses.

20. Employee Training Service

Are you a specialist in a specific area of human resources development? You can move from one firm to another training staff. Good examples of such areas include safety, leadership, and technology. Make sure to network with such companies well to get contracted for training.

21. Operate a Mobile Book Keeping Firm

Many upcoming businesses are unable to employ accountants on a full-term basis. They prefer working with mobile book-keeping accountants. Indeed, even some big firms also prefer mobile accountants to cut costs. You can opt to visit the companies in their offices or work remotely.

22. Work as a Mobile Pet Groomer

Many are the people who want their pets such as cats and dogs to look clean but do not know how to do it. If you can master the skills of pet cleaning and get the right equipment, pet grooming can be a great mobile business.

23. Start a Pet Sitter Business

When people need to travel away from home for work or vacation, one concern is who to leave behind attending to their pets. As a mobile pet sitter, you can charge a fee to stay behind taking care of the pet. Well, you simply feed the pets and keep them happy for a fee until the owner returns.

24. Work as a House Sitter

For some people, leaving their homes unattended can be distressful. You can offer house sitting services for a fee. You only need to stay in the house until the owner jets back. Simple! Right?

25. Offer Gardening Services

Virtually everyone loves beautiful and sweet-smelling flowers in the garden or lawns. But it takes time and effort to nurture them. You can offer gardening services for a fee to maintain lawns, flowers, and keep compounds of your clients beautiful.

26. Operate as a Holiday Decorator

During holidays or special events, everyone wants his/her space to look elegant with great decorations. As a mobile holiday decorator, your services will come in handy to help people decorate their homes, especially during Christmas and wedding events. You can take this opportunity to sell décor related accessories.

27. Mobile Home Cleaning Services

You can start a home cleaning services business that offers cleaning services to homeowners. This will involve traveling to clients who need assistance clearing their homes, especially after holding events such as parties or anniversaries.

28. House to House Carpet Cleaning Business

While carpets make homes to look elegant, cleaning them can be a daunting task. If you have the right equipment for vacuum cleaning to remove all dirt in a short while, clients will always be seeking your services. The good thing about vacuum cleaning is that you clean the carpet within minutes as the client waits to re-install it.

29. Mobile Pool Cleaning

If you have the expertise in pool cleaning, your services will come in handy for homes and hotels with plunge baths. You can help to clean the pool, unclog blocked pipes, and restoring the pools’ lovely allure.

30. Offer Courier Services

Here, all that you need is a car to deliver goods to customers. You might also need to work with specific businesses especially the online e-commerce stores.

31. Work as a Disc Jockey

When people are holding events, you can offer DJ services to entertain them. In most of the cases, you will need to play music to keep the audience entertained and lively. To make your business more valuable, consider offering public address services too!

32. Offer Child Care Provider Services

Childcare services are offered on a need basis in clients’ homes. Some might want someone to babysit their kids when moving out while others might want a person to help them develop special skills.

33. Work as a Mobile Locksmith

What happens when you lose keys and cannot get into your house or car? You call a locksmith. By offering mobile locksmith services, people who need assistance with their locks and keys will always dial your number for help. Make sure to market yourself properly and be ready to assist clients even at odd hours.

34. Pet Training Services

Although many people admire pets, it takes some effort to train them various skills. If you are good with pets, you can start a business to train them different skills and good behaviors within the client’s premises. Note that most people would prefer your services because the pets would be trained in the environment they are used to.

35. Private Investigation Business

A private investigation business involves keeping eyes on your subject’s clients and attorneys’ work. It might also involve gathering evidence to build on a case/s that is facing your client.

36. Dog Walking

For people who keep large dogs, it is recommended that they take them for a walk of about 15 minutes every day. However, many people rarely get this time. You can offer to walk the dog every day for a fee.

37. Personal Assistant

Today, many professionals require the services of personal assistants but are not willing to hire them on a full-time basis. Therefore, you would come in handy offering different professionals some assistance for a fee. Some only need assistance for one to two hours depending on their programs.

38. Pizza Delivery

Many people who fancy pizzas prefer them to be delivered to their doorsteps. You can make a lot of money by working as a pizza delivery unit for a busy restaurant. Indeed, you can even opt to make the pizzas and sell directly to clients.  

39. Mobile Ice Cream Business

This business entails making various flavors of ice cream and selling in high traffic areas and events. For example, you can make a lot of money selling ice cream from a truck on the beach or colleges on hot weekends.

40. Personal Shopper

Did you know that there are a lot of people who would want assistance doing their shopping? Offering personal shopping services would come in handy for such clients. The business would entail performing the shopper’s errands including picking the prescriptions. It might also include delivering to their doorsteps when they make orders.

41. Mobile Car Wash

As the number of car owners increases, mobile car wash is becoming a lucrative venture. Many car owners would prefer a mobile car wash firm because they are busy and would rarely get time to do the task. You only need to market yourself well and clean the cars properly.

42. Mobile Notary

Today, most businesses, lawyers, insurance and real estate agents require notary services. As a notary, you will need to travel to the client’s offices or premises to witness the signing of important documents for a pay. To do this business, you need to check the requirements for becoming a notary.

43. Mobile Landscape Designer

You can offer mobile landscape designing to businesses and homes that need to make their spaces beautiful. To increase your revenue, consider working with real estate firms that need regular landscaping services. People moving to new homes would also need your services to make their environments look the way they want.

44. Mobile Interior Designer

If you are an expert in interior design, you can rake a lot of money offering your services to homeowners, hotels, and offices. Most of your clients would be looking for assistance in making their spaces more impressive. Here, you can advise them on the type of flooring, furniture, curtains, lights, and other aspects of interior décor.

45. Packing Service

In this type of business, you can assist clients to package their products before releasing them into the market. For example, some companies that import products such as sugar in bulk might require assistance to package it to reflect own brand. This service might include moving the products through the supply chain.

46. Mobile Handyman Service

Though everyone loves a beautiful home, maintaining the lovely allure requires regular repairs. By offering mobile handyman services, you can repair gutters, outdoor seats, and other broken parts of a home for a fee.

47. Offer Painting Services

This is another impressive business that you can do without requiring a fixed office. All you need is proper painting skills. Then, you can assist home and office owners to paint exteriors, interiors, or changing the themes of their facilities.

48. Vintage Reseller Business

From home furniture to vehicles, vintage items have a timeless allure that cannot be easily replaced. Therefore, you can check with various antique shops for antique items and resell them in events and fairs. Some antique items can be very expensive and generate a lot of revenue for you.

49. Bicycle Mechanic Services

Today, a lot of people prefer to cycle to work or for fun. Therefore, a mobile bicycle mechanic service would come in handy to assist such people when their bicycles break down. For example, they would always call you for prompt assistance if the bikes breakdown when riding away from home.

50. Social Media Influencer

If you have a blog or website, you can build up following on social media and operate as an influencer. After growing a huge following, businesses would start looking for you to place adverts in your page for a fee. They would also pay you a lot of money to get their products recommended for your following.

The Final Take

If you have been thinking of starting a business, mobile ventures are easy, cheap and fun to run. You only need to identify the right niche and market yourself well. Do not wait any longer, check for the best option among the 50 mobile business ideas discussed above.