Reasons Why A Pregnancy Test Is Positive But Wrong

Reasons Why A Pregnancy Test Is Positive But Wrong

Oh my God! I’m pregnant! A common phrase, right? Now you probably are wondering what implications this statement has. Wait a minute. Did I just say implications? Believe it or not, this statement could mean both excitement and morbid fear based on the circumstances. If you’ve been trying for quite some time for a baby or been looking forward to starting a family, the statement is of course an indication of excitement. However, if the pregnancy is unplanned, the statement could signify utter surprise, disappointment, and even fear in some cases.

Having said that, you’ve just taken a pregnancy test and it reads positive. You are over the moon with excitement. You go for further medical tests to check on how your baby is doing and to your disappointment, you find out that you are not pregnant! How is this possible? How could this happen? You are confused, livid, and visibly disappointed.

Well, there are very many reasons as to why a pregnancy test could turn positive but in essence wrong. This explains why it is very important that once you get positive results on your first pregnancy tests, you should follow up the test with other medical checkups to ensure that you are really pregnant and that the pregnancy test is not lying to you. So, what are some of the factors that could lead you to getting a false positive pregnancy test?

The most common cause for false positive pregnancy tests is home pregnancy tests that are not done correctly. Home pregnancy tests need for you to be very keen and very careful in order to get the correct results. If you do not read the user instructions well, there is a chance that you will get the wrong results.

If you wait too long to read your results or if you contaminate the test stick, there is a chance that you will get positive results when you are actually not pregnant. A pregnancy test kit that has already expired might lead to you to getting the wrong results when you test for pregnancy because it will have lost its working power.

If you recently miscarried or had a molar, chemical, or ectopic pregnancy, there are chances that your pregnancy test will turn out to be positive when it should be negative. During pregnancy, the hormone HCG is produced. This hormone will also be produced during a molar, chemical or ectopic pregnancy. Pregnancy tests are meant to find out if the HCG hormone is present in the body and since these pregnancies though not viable will lead to production of the hormone, the test will read positive.

There are some medical conditions that might lead to the production of the HCG hormone in the body. Choriocarcinoma is a type of cancer that occurs in the uterus. There are also other cancers that can lead to the production of the HCG hormone in the body thus leading to a positive pregnancy test. Some fertility medications also contain HCG in them. If you are taking fertility medications that have this hormone, your pregnancy test is bound to turn out positive due to the presence of the hormone in your body even when you are not pregnant.

See? You should always seek a second opinion in light of the above revelation. You don’t want to be extremely excited that you are pregnant only to find out later that it was a false result!