Best 6 Things to Do in Lake Garda During Your Holiday

Does your idea of unwinding entail engaging in outdoor activities? Are you the kind of person who would rather spend your holiday bungee jumping, scuba diving, or mountain climbing instead of staying in your hotel room reading a book?

If you answered in the affirmative, then a holiday destination that promises exactly that is what you need. Fortunately for you, while there are many destinations you can go to, none beats Lake Garda when it comes to outdoor activities.

Lake Garda presents visitors with the best opportunities for the most enjoyable holiday activities. The expansive water in the lake, Mediterranean Sea, and countryside, have made Lake Garda a great place for visitors who want a holiday full of recreational activities. For people who love to explore the countryside or engage in water sports but lack the requisite skills, many apartments for rent can also organize for training sessions so that even newbies to activities such as skiing can also ski like pros.

That said, what are the main activities you can engage in during your holiday in Lake Garda?

Skiing and Mountain Climbing

To enjoy every activity during your holiday in Lake Garda, you have to start by identifying the right private accommodation for rent. Skiing in the mountains is addictive. Thoughts of sliding from the top of the Alps to its foot during winter never gets off the mind of skiing enthusiasts.

Using rotating cableways to run from Lake Garda to the top of the mountains, you get the perfect view of the natural environments as the climate translates from Mediterranean to Alpine up the mountain. The rotating cableway will give you an enthralling view of the Dolomites and the blue lake.

Once on the top of the mountain, visitors can put on their sledges and ski down to the foot of the mountains. The frozen Alps Mountains are the paradise of skiers or people who want to try something different. Remember to use the right attire and wear proper clothing from the villa rentals.

Sailing and Windsurfing

The subtle winds around Lake Garda make the moderately deep waters best for sailing and windsurfing. Whether you are on the holiday as a team or alone, you will enjoy every minute when sailing through the water. Using the boat, you can visit other sections of the lake to experience the diversity of Lake Garda attractions.

Mountain Biking

The neighboring mountains provide over 100 kilometers of clearly marked trails for cycling enthusiasts. After exploring the culture of Lake Garda by attending festivals around the private accommodation, hire the right mountain bike and head to the mountain. Remember that if you are new, it is advisable to take a guide when mountain biking to avoid getting lost.

Play Golf in Different Golf Resorts and Clubs

While many people thought that Golf is a special sport for a selected few, Lake Garda makes it easy for every visitor to venture into the courses. Simply pick the right holiday rentals next to the Lake Garda golf resorts to learn, be part of the golfing fraternity, and even play with great players.

Scuba Diving

With an oxygen tank on your back, Lake Garda offers great sites for scuba diving. These are deep sections that people can dive deep into the waters to explore the bottom, and interact with marine life to make the holiday memorable. Remember that it is very important to get the right diving equipment and dive with an expert for everything to go right and avoid any mishaps.


Many people who want to explore the calm waters of the lake without going to the extremes of diving or snorkeling prefer kayaking. Using special kayaks, you paddle through the calm waters and to every section of the lake.

To enjoy what Lake Garda has to offer from your holiday apartments, it is important to prepare appropriately and book in advance where necessary. Other major sports you can get involved in include snorkeling, sports fishing, canyoning, and paragliding.

There you have it. Lake Garda presents you with many opportunities to make your holiday memorable. Doesn’t matter what outdoor activities you love, or whether you travelled alone or with your loved ones. Lake Garda promises you paradise and an unforgettable experience!