When Can A Woman Get Pregnant?

A woman according to studies conducted is often much more fertile on their 10 to 17 days after they have experienced their first day of their menstrual cycle. But women should not rely on this period alone to get pregnant since they are also viable at other periods of time. Some women experience irregular cycles and this type of woman are highly fertile on most days. This condition of irregular cycles is often caused by a disease known as thyroid. It is also known to result in infertility in women. Research has claimed that women are more often fertile at certain times when they start to ovulate. They have also claimed that some days prior to the ovulation period is also a fertile period for women. Right after they have ovulated, the women are no longer fertile.

Wondering when can a woman get pregnant? Often it is considered not possible to conceive when a woman is on her non ovulating days. This is because the period of ovulation may also go unnoticed. Women should test their fertility every once in a while to determine their best time to get pregnant. The reason why it is difficult to get pregnant after ovulation is the mere fact that the egg often dies in 24 to 48 after it has been produced by the ovaries. This then makes it best to have sex right before ovulation begins. During the ovulation period, there is a high discharge of fertile mucus that often appears couple of days before the ovulation begins. This could assist to propel the sperms released on the woman and would there increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

Still wondering when can a woman get pregnant? Women often can have sex on days prior to their ovulation and still manage to conceive. This is attributed to the fact that sperms are able to survive for about 3 to 5 days on the body of a woman and could wait till the woman ovulates to fertilize the egg that is released. This then leads to the idea that having unprotected sex at any moment in time is thus a good time to get pregnant. This is because once sperms have been launched on to the body of a female, there is no escape route or any way that one can present the woman from getting pregnant. The only possible ways would be to use condoms and pills to present such occurrences.