When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant With A Boy

Most parents who dream of having a baby boy wonder when the best time to get pregnant with a boy is. There are so many theories known to people that tend to answer when to conceive a boy. The theories try to tip you on your liking but on the other hand, nature does not offer a way to give you the guarantee that you will conceive a boy. Putting artificial insemination aside, gender selection is a fifty/fifty thing. This does not mean to discourage you. There are some ways which you can use to better your chances of conceiving a baby boy.

Top Methods of Improving Your Chances for Conceiving a Boy

The Shettles Method

This method is popularized in a book titled “How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby”. The theory is based on the scientific idea of the sperm containing Y chromosomes. The Y-chromosomes are believed to produce boys while the X chromosome does the opposite. The Y-chromosomes move faster than the X chromosomes. According to the writer, he believes deeper penetration while trying to conceive, deposits the sperms closer to the cervix. This gives the aggressive Y-chromosomes a chance of getting ahead and fertilizing the egg.

The Whellan Method

This method was aimed at rebutting the Shettles method. As outlined in the popular Boy or girl, the writer believed the most essential part in determining the gender of your baby is by timing intercourse. According to her, early sexual intercourse during a woman’s cycle improves the chances of her getting a boy. Based on her research, approximately 68% of those who try the Whellan method end up having a male child.

Chinese Conception Chart

If you believe in Chinese charts for fertility, the prediction chart will help you determine the precise time to conceive a boy. The Chinese birth chart is based on the age of the mother and the month of conception can indicate the sex of the expected baby. This chart was first discovered 7 centuries ago. It is alleged that chances from it are 90% accurate when followed to the letter. Remember that you must base it depending on the mother’s age and the baby’s conception month in order to determine the sex of the baby. Basing your predictions on the charts provided online in most scenarios produces wrong results.

There you have it. The ball is in your coat. Please be advised that none of the above methods provides 100% accurate results in your clamor to get a baby boy. Best of luck!