Why Is Caesar Salad Bad During Pregnancy?

Your pregnancy test is positive! You are basically over the moon and your excitement uncontainable. You dreamt of this day and finally the prospect of being a mother fills you with immense joy. Your significant other is happy, your friends sending congratulatory messages, and you simply can’t wait for the nine month period to end and finally look into the eyes of your bundle of joy.

However, before all these can become a reality, you need to put in place measures that ensure that your pregnancy is healthy. You need to exercise right, eat right, sleep the right way, have sufficient rest, attend all clinic appointments, and what not. Yes, believe it or not, you will have to make some sacrifices too.

Remember that favorite whisky you used to like taking to calm your nerves or simply while away the weekend? Forget about it! Have you been struggling to kick away your smoking habits? You’ve got no choice but to keep the habit at bay during your pregnancy. Do you crave certain foods such as Caesar salad? You will have to ignore your craving till after you give birth.

What am I driving at? During pregnancy, proper care should be taken with the kind of food you consume, the kind of exercises you undertake, the kind of medication you take, the position in which you sleep, just to mention but a few. While there are a number of things you need to avoid during pregnancy, this post focuses on Caesar salad and why it’s bad for you during pregnancy.

It should be noted that during pregnancy, the body becomes selective by demanding certain foods and strongly rejects some foods. Either way, the need to have the right balanced diet cannot be ignored during pregnancy.

Indeed, a number of food types are not recommended when pregnant as they might harm your unborn baby and lead to a number of complications both for you and your unborn child. For those with a special liking to Caesar salad, the principal question they always direct to their doctors is: Why is Caesar salad bad during pregnancy? Read on to get your answer to this teething question.

Caesar salad contains parmesan cheese, egg, romaine lettuce, croutons, and garlic. Conventionally, the egg that is primarily used in Caesar dressing is either raw, slightly undercooked, or simply coddled. This poses a great threat to pregnant women who are highly susceptible to foodborne illnesses.

Raw eggs are believed to contain some bacteria that are known to induce fever and vomiting. Also, being a salad, it is almost entirely prepared with uncooked products. This can pave way for contamination and increase exposure to Salmonella. It should be noted that when pregnant, your body’s immune system is slightly weak. As such, care should be taken to ensure that contamination cases are minimized. This helps to boost your health as well as that of the growing fetus.

That said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming cooked eggs when pregnant so long as the same is taken in moderation. Consequently, nutrient supplements should be taken to ensure that your body gets all the required minerals/nutrients during pregnancy.

In summary, you can never be too careful during pregnancy. Take measures to follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter regarding nutrient supplements to take, foods to avoid, exercises to avoid or undertake, medication to take, and what not. It is your responsibility to ensure that your pregnancy is not laden with any hiccups!