Why Is My Heart Racing During Pregnancy?

Why is my heart racing during pregnancy? Such a question, no doubt, is usually from a woman who is concerned about their heart rate which seems to be beating faster than normal when pregnant.

If you are one of the women asking this question, you are not alone. This is normal especially during pregnancy. When pregnant, your heart beat rate will increase by at least 25%. Understandably, this might be a serious cause of concern especially if you are pregnant for the very first time.

The moment you conceive, a lot of changes take place inside your body. You will have a lot of reactions. Emotional reactions, such as anxiety and stress, can cause you to have a heart rate that is faster than normal. The more emotions there are, the higher the heart rate will be.

Pregnancy means that your heart will have to work harder than it usually does so as to supply everything that is needed for both you and the baby. The heart will also have to work double in order to pump the blood that is needed by both you and the baby. This will make the heart work a little bit faster and this leads to an increase in your heart rate.

The hormone progesterone is produced when you get pregnant. This hormone is also said to be one of the causes of a higher heart rate during pregnancy. This hormone makes the heart work harder and faster so that the baby in the uterus can be provided for. The hormone is responsible for ensuring that your pregnancy goes as it’s supposed to and that nothing wrong happens to your unborn baby.

There are a lot of factors that can make your heart rate beat faster when pregnant than it usually does. Pregnant women tend to generally get tired because of the weight that they are carrying. They also worry about their babies and themselves all the time. These are factors that will definitely make your heart race faster.

Of cause, it’s only normal that you should be worried when that occurs especially if you are for the very first. You need not worry as this is a common occurrence during pregnancy. That said, you shouldn’t throw caution to the wind. If you feel as if your heart is beating faster than is necessary, take it upon yourself to consult a doctor and find out if everything is okay. It is better to be safe than sorry! Have a happy pregnancy!