Why is Two Weeks Added to a Pregnancy

There has always been many questions surrounding pregnancy as more women try to understand why things work the way they do during this period. The excitement that comes with a pregnancy is a sure thing to have many women with the thirst to understand what is going on in their bodies and also what to expect at the various stages of a pregnancy.

In normal cases, two weeks will usually be added to a pregnancy and this is something that most women want to understand. The addition is done since it is a known fact that conception will usually take place two weeks after start of last menstrual period. It is for this reason therefore that the due date is determined from the last menstrual period. It is contrary to the calculations many women do starting from the time that they have missed a period thinking that that is where the pregnancy begins.

It can be difficult to clearly pinpoint start of ovulation and also conception hence the reason as to why a pregnancy gestational age will always be determined by the last menstrual period hence the addition two weeks you will get during the calculations. The important thing that women need to understand is that the date will be got from the first day of the last menstruation period they had since this is the time within which the lining of the uterus sheds and another one begins to form hoping for an implantation by a fertilized egg.

It is expected that the calculations can be a bit confusing especially for women who are sure that they had no intercourse till the 2 weeks after the menstrual period but the doctors always know the best way of getting the calculations accurate and hence the reason why some women will get perfect and accurate due dates determined for them. The preparation by the uterine lining to receive the fertilized egg is what matters most in conception and not the real date when the fertilization of the egg took place hence the reason why two weeks are added to a pregnancy.

When you are pregnant, you will be excited to know when you are expecting to deliver your baby and get the chance to finally marvel at the beauty. During the gestational age determination, you will be asked for the date of the first day of the last menstrual period you had and this is where the calculations will begin to give you a due date. It is however believed that the due date that is determined by looking at the development stage of the baby most probably through an ultrasound tends to be most accurate. Either, there are women who have received accurate determinations which help them in preparing better for the coming baby.

It is advisable for mothers planning to get pregnant to be keen about the dates so that it makes the work of determining the due date easy for the experts and at the same time make it possible for them to come up with dates which accurate.