Why Is Video Marketing so Effective

Video marketing has exploded in recent years. But you know what? It is just getting started! In 2018, Global Internet Phenomena Report by Sandvine reported that about 58% of total downstream internet volume across the globe was video.

On social media, video has also brought about a radical shift. In 2016, Nicola Mendelssohn of Facebook predicted that video will be the big thing for Facebook in the next five years.  At the time, the comment might have appeared odd, a little ambitious, but Nicola was right.

Today, Facebook is fast catching up to YouTube as the preferred platform for online videos. HubSpot indicates that over 50% of consumers want to see more videos from brands.

As video marketing takes shape, you simply cannot afford to be left behind. Here are the emerging trends and considerations that will shape the video marketing niche.

Devices that are always connected, key to the video media growth

One of the forces driving the current video market is the smartphone boom. In one of the researches done by ‘We Are Social’s Digital’ in 2018, mobile connectivity in Asia was 141%. In Europe and North America, the Pew Research Center indicated that penetration was more than 100%. This trend is expected to continue in the next five years.

Google points out that the increase in smartphones has narrowed the gap between TV ownership in many countries. This implies that more people than at any other moment in the past can access and watch online videos via smartphones. This situation has in return presented a new opportunity for enterprises to directly engage their target audience.

Videos provide high engagement rates and ROI

The primary reason why video is being preferred as the new marketing model is that it offers high engagement rates. Of all the types of content added on Facebook, videos generate higher engagement rates. Note that the advantages of using video do not stop at high engagement.

InMobi, a mobile ad platform, reported that Search Engine Advertising grew by 250% because of mobile video ad spending in 2017. This was largely driven by the high growth of mobile videos that rose by 230% during the same period.

Mobile is becoming the new face of personal television

Over the last couple of years, search engines have expressed their preference for mobile content and encouraged brands and marketers to go mobile. In 2018, Google announced it was shifting to Mobile First Index that gives preference to content optimized for mobile viewing. This presents a new opportunity for brands to reach more people and drive better engagement.

Videos are preferred because they can easily be repurposed in different formats. Indeed, the possibilities are limitless and could easily fit in multiple formats depending on the marketers’ goals. Videos help to add a layer of interest to your web platform for higher click-through-rates and conversions.

The main types of marketing videos  

Before you can start filming to make the videos of choice, it is prudent to know the different options. The aim is ensuring you pick the right videos for the target audience:

  • Demo videos: Demo videos help to showcase how services and video works operate.
  • Brand videos: These videos are designed as part of advertising campaigns to help demonstrate a company’s mission, vision, and products.
  • Event videos:If your enterprise is hosting a round table discussion, conference or other types of event, you can produce a video highlighting interesting presentations.
  • How-to videos: These are instruction videos that help teach the audience something about a product/ service. Examples include ‘how to replace a car tire’ or ‘how to cook a specific meal’.
  • Explainer videos:This type of film is designed to help the target audience understand the importance of a service or product. Most explainer videos aim at defining a fictional journey of a startup’s buyer persona.
  • Animated videos: These videos are created to help demonstrate hard-to-grasp concepts about products or services.

As the digital marketing space evolves, the video is asserting itself rather fast and you cannot be left behind. Note that for your video to work, it is important to ensure it is designed for specific platforms, captures the message articulately, and can be played in multiple devices.