Why No Oysters When Pregnant

Oysters contain high levels of nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids and they can therefore be amazing food during pregnancy. The fact is that the oysters fall into the lowest level in terms of mercury which is believed to be harmful to the pregnancy and hence they are great during pregnancy. However, during pregnancy, oysters need to be avoided at all costs. Many women wonder why this is the case.

The fact is that even though the oysters are amazing in terms of nutrients during pregnancy, they can be very bad when eaten raw. This means also that oysters which are under-cooked can be very risky during pregnancy and it is because they can lead to serious illnesses which can compromise the success of the pregnancy. This is because they have naturally occurring bacteria, parasites and viruses and when they find their way into the human body the results can be fatal.

The raw oysters cause a list of symptoms which can be risky for the pregnancy and they include chills, fever, diarrhea, weakness, confusion and blisters on the skin. For those already with a weak system, the symptoms can be fatal and hence there is need to stay safe throughout pregnancy than risk it all in the name of eating nutritious fish to assist the baby as the direct opposite could happen. Even though it is possible to treat the symptoms, the medication used to do so cannot be prescribed for pregnant women because of the negative results they can have on the fetus and hence the best is to keep off the oysters.

There are lots of other foods which can be taken during pregnancy to supply the mother and child with the nutrients found in Oysters and they are indeed the better options. There is always something better on the list.