Why Prometrium During Pregnancy Is Important

You probably are hearing the term “prometrium” for the very first time its importance during pregnancy notwithstanding. So, what is prometrium? Prometrium is a form of progesterone supplement. It is usually given to pregnant women who have high chances of having miscarriages and those whose hormone progesterone levels in their system are very low.

Hormone progesterone is very important for both the mother and the baby during pregnancy. If you are wondering why prometrium during pregnancy is important, you need to understand how important progesterone hormone is during pregnancy. Hormone progesterone is released during ovulation for the purposes of preparing the body for pregnancy.

Progesterone ensures that the lining of the uterus is strong enough to hold the baby as it continues growing. Without this hormone, the uterus lining will not be able to hold the baby comfortably. This is the reason why women who have less progesterone during pregnancy are given prometrium. It is a progesterone supplement that will ensure the uterus lining is in shape.

Progesterone is responsible for ensuring that the uterus expands to accommodate the growing baby. If the uterus does not expand, the mother will miscarry as there will be no space in the uterus to accommodate the growing baby. Prometrium will ensure that the uterus expands as the baby grows and thus there will be no problem with the pregnancy.

Progesterone is very important for development of breasts in readiness for the coming of the baby. Women with low progesterone levels have high chances of not being able to breastfeed their babies when they come. Prometrium will however help them with this problem since it will do all the work that is supposed to be done by the progesterone hormone. The progesterone hormone is responsible for keeping the baby out of any danger before birth. When it is not present, it is important that pregnant women take prometrium which will help them keep their babies safe.

Women who have low levels of progesterone have very high chances of having preterm labor. It is the progesterone hormone that works to ensure that contractions do not occur in the uterus until it is time to give birth. Without progesterone, a lot of harm will come to both the baby and the mother. There are a lot of risks that can be avoided by taking prometrium. Experts say that prometrium has a lot of side effects. Pregnant women should therefore ensure that they get a prescription from a qualified doctor so that they can be assured of safety as they take the supplements.