Why Prostitutes Don’t Get Pregnant

Many people would rather ignore the fact that prostitution is present even in modern days but profession solely to make some money and even though it seems as a simple way of getting the cash, it is really hard for them as a result of the risks that they face. Apart from contracting deadly diseases, they are prone to abuse and also getting pregnant in the name of getting what they wish to enjoy in life.

However, it can be quite rare to find prostitutes getting pregnant. The fact that they know they are into it for the money and not for recreational purposes helps them in taking the precautions they need to in ensuring that they do not end up with unwanted pregnancies. They will always insist on using protection not just to avoid pregnancy but also keep infections at bay since they have to serve huge numbers of clients all the time and they cannot be sure who is clean. It is very hard to find prostitutes ignorant of using protection during intercourse.

For those who accidentally become pregnant, the fact is that they always find abortion options. Most would rather have the abortions done as soon as they realize that they are pregnant than have to live with the shame of an unwanted child who reminds them if their lives every time they look at them. There are parts of the world where abortions are legal and even in those countries where it is illegal; there are still backdoor abortion services readily available to those women needing them.

So the use of protection and other pregnancy precautions and the availability of abortion services in today’s world are the main reasons why people believe that prostitutes do not get pregnant whereas the exact opposite is possible.