Why Protein Is Needed In Pregnancy

Think about it for a moment. Before the news of your conception, you were this happy go lady eating your favorite burger, fries, and virtually any type of food you desired or came your way. Your focus was so much on satisfying your cravings that the essence of a balanced diet was an afterthought. You could indulge in your favorite drinks on weekend night outs with friends without a care in the world. But now, now that you are pregnant, you cannot afford to be carefree with your lifestyle or the type of food you consume.

As a Pregnant woman, you need all the nutrients you can get. While it is highly recommended that you consume the necessary nutrients, why are proteins very important during pregnancy? Truth is, you cannot afford to avoid proteins or eat meals deficient in proteins while pregnant.

Amino acids that are found in proteins are responsible for building the body. Proteins are building blocks for the body and therefore essential for both you and your baby. Your baby needs a lot of nutrients in order to grow and be healthy. The baby’s brain needs proteins in order to develop. The baby’s brain starts to develop at conception. While the baby is inside you, it will need to develop its brain to a certain level. When you take in proteins, they will work to ensure that the brain of the baby matures to the level that it is supposed to.

Pregnant women also need proteins so that they can be stronger and build up muscles that will enable them to be able to carry their pregnancies to term. Women tend to get tired when they are pregnant because they are sometimes weak and need a lot of muscle. Proteins will enable them to bulk up and get the muscles that they need. Babies also need muscle build up so that their bodies can be firm. Without muscles, babies will not be able to hold anything or learn how to move when they are born.

Proteins are a source of antioxidants and other nutrients that are needed in order for the baby to grow in a healthy way and also in order for the body’s immune system to function properly. Proteins help in getting rid of antioxidants from the body. They also help in ensuring that no toxins reach the baby before it’s born. Proteins are a lot easier to take in and to digest.

That said, as an expectant woman, you simply cannot wish away proteins in your diet. You need it, your baby needs it for proper development and you sure as hell need to ensure that you consume the right amounts. In case you are unsure of what to eat and avoid during pregnancy, you can always consult your doctor for proper directions!