How to Improve Working Memory in Students

Memory is the ability of the brain in which data is encoded, stored and retrieved when needed. It is also said that memory is the storage of past experiences and an influence for future processes. Memory exercises for students are as necessary as the physical exercise of the body so students should concentrate on this.

What are the memory exercises for students which will prove helpful to improve memory? Here are some memory exercises for students through which they can improve their memory up to a great extent.

Repeating the task again and again:

Students should repeat the task many times which they learnt from their teacher or instructor in this way fluency level will increase. After some time they will start pointing out their own mistakes, in the long-run task will remain in their mind and whenever it needs to be recalled they don’t have to revise it. As we ever listened practice makes a man perfect. Same is the case here practicing the task is the most significant exercise from all the memory exercises for students. On the other hand, those who will not be going to repeat the task, again and again, will not be able to recall when it is needed.

Repeating the task is only possible when the student is fully focused and engaged in the work. Nobody gets Outputs from student forcefully.

Ask related questions from students regarding the lesson:

When we talk about memory exercises for students we should take under consideration that questioning plays an important role. The teacher should take quizzes on a daily or weekly basis which make students motivated and through this way they perform a memory exercise which will be helpful for their storage power of brain not for the present but also for future experiences.

Revise last experiences:

When the instructor put a burden of tasks over students they will not be able to manage properly. As it will happen that they start forgetting the lessons they learnt at the start so memory exercises for students are necessary to try to provide them with a way to revise the last lessons. In this way, they will be able to understand the next lessons more easily as they have the idea of previous lessons.

Don’t make them busy in the same activity for a long time:

It’s a common problem of every individual that when they have to do the same work for a long time they definitely lose the attention and get bored. Same is the case with students if they are provided with the specific task which will run for days ultimately they won’t be able to pay proper concentration. Try to provide them with different topics after some specified intervals, in this way their memory will be exercised by a variety of tasks.

Motivate students to explore new ideas:

All memory exercises for students play important roles but exploring the ideas is something which makes them inspired and self-motivated. Encourage them to support their ideas and assist them in making new ideas. Let them try to figure out the same conclusion in different ways. They will find the task impressive and make it more perfect than the expectations

Give your students the liberty to ask questions:

When you come to deal with students you may find some of the students shy and less confident. This is not a good thing ever, it’s a memory exercise that students ask different questions and make their views clear. Provide them with an open way through which they come to you without any hesitation and ask the questions.

 Benefits of memory exercises for students:

When students start making some effort it will definitely prove fruitful because nothing will go in vain if you have done struggle on it. Memory exercises for students will give the following benefits

  • Ability to understand things will increases
  • They will be able to achieve good grades
  • Concentration level will go on to increase
  • When they come to deliver a speech their confidence level increases
  • Students will keen towards getting more knowledge
  • They will address the debates without any shyness.
  • Learning power increases


Taking into account all memory exercises for students we reached on stage where we concluded that success lies in the struggle, you will get how much you done effort to achieve it. Hence those students who will do these memory exercises will be more concentrated towards achieving goals as compared to others.